Your next chance to see Knightmare Live will be at Kings Place in London on Friday 26th April.

Other confirmed Knightmare Live shows:

4th & 5th May: PLAY Expo Manchester...

...with the added bonuses of a cameo from original Treguard Hugo Myatt and a Knightmare Q&A panel featuring Hugo, Paul Flannery of Knightmare Live and Knightmare artist David Rowe.

31st May & 1st June: UK Games Expo, Birmingham

20th July: Bluedot Festival, Jodrell Bank

If you're now at the "Shut up and pocket my gold" stage, we respectfully direct you to the Knightmare Live website for more information, ticket buying links and numerous decent photos.

And don't forget that you don't simply have to be a watcher. You could be treading the boards/path. As we said last year:

'In 1987 Knightmare seemed like just another TV series. But it wasn't. It was different in many ways and so were those who did the questing. In 1987 the average age of the dungeoneer was... 13? In '19 it will be... probably a lot older. But that's the point: if you're an adult with childhood dreams of taking on the hard castle, Knightmare Live is your opportunity. Send them an email via their website and put yourself in the running (or sidestepping).'

And yes, we'd love there to be an apostrophe in 'Kings Place' but that's a quest for another day.

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