Knightmare Live's stage shows have been forced into temporal disruption, so they're trying some different live entertainment.

Knightmare Live had a series of dates lined up for March-May 2020...

Sunday 29 March: Kings Place, London

Friday 1 May: Cornbow Hall, Halesowen

Friday 15 May: Town Hall, Sutton Coldfield

Friday 29 May, Saturday 30 May: UK Games Expo, Birmingham

...But sadly these have been cancelled because of coronavirus.

When temporal disruption is over, we look forward to bringing you news of new, confirmed Knightmare Live shows, to give us a fine way to celebrate Knightmare in its fifth decade.

In the meantime, Paul Flannery (Knightmare Live's Treguard) has begun a series of Knightmare gamebook playthroughs, with watchers voting on the action at each choice point. James Aukett, who was at the first playthrough on Friday 3 April, writes:

'Paul Flannery streamed a live playthrough of "The Labyrinths of Fear" gamebook section via Facebook this afternoon.

It was great fun and there were a couple of attempts made, though unfortunately both of these resulted in failure rather early on.

The good news is that Paul is planning on doing it again next Friday afternoon from 4:30-5:00pm (around the same time Series 3 to 8 were shown when originally broadcast) - will it be third time lucky when the playthrough starts again?

It was great fun and I highly recommend joining in (even if I did get reprimanded by Paul for quoting The Dark Room on one occasion :D) If you want to take part, head over to Knightmare Live's Facebook Page and get involved!'

We can trust a dungeonmaster to keep our spirits up during a lockdown, so tune in on Fridays for more cheerful adventuring. And just keep telling yourself: it's only a gamebook... isn't it?

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