The Knightmare double bill returns to Challenge TV on August 30th and September 2nd.



While having classic Knightmare return to Challenge this year was exciting enough, watchers who crave more than one episode at a time are in luck. Tomorrow morning (i.e. Friday 29th August, for those without a reliable calendar to hand), Challenge's 'Summer Boot Camp' weekday morning Series 2 repeats will continue with Episodes 5 and 6 being shown back to back from 10am to 11am. Then on Monday (2nd September), Episodes 7 and 8 will be shown from 9:30am to 10:30am. These four episodes contain more than one significant if not legendary Knightmare moment. If you're in a position to watch them, why do anything else?

The Challenge Late Zone showings of Knightmare Series 2 will continue as normal on Friday night at 10:30pm. Tomorrow's will be Episode 9, for which has a copy of the original press release here. Thursday 5th September will mark 25 years since Series 2 first started on Children's ITV, making Challenge's timing really rather good.

Challenge TV is available on Freeview (46), Virgin (139) and Sky (125). Please see their website for more information on the channel. Challenge can be contacted via Facebook and Twitter. And don't forget about their hour-later service, Challenge+1 (Sky 164, Virgin 140).

Challenge's own Knightmare page is here. Also highly recommended is Billy Hicks' article on the history of Knightmare on Challenge, which can be found in the IKM Lexicon here.

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