Competition time, and it's your chance to win a printed copy of David Rowe's upcoming Art of Knightmare book.

As we've previously reported, David Rowe, the artist behind the original dungeon drawings of Knightmare, is producing an Art of Knightmare book, providing a behind the scenes look at how the Knightmare dungeon was originally created. David is rasing funds for producing this book, and you can contribute to his campaign here.

We're offering one lucky person the chance to win a printed copy of David Rowe's upcoming Art of Knightmare Book. Furthermore, all entrants will receive a free exclusive Knightmare desktop wallpaper for participating.

All you need to do is comment on this Facebook post (link defunct) with a caption for the above photo, which is from Knightmare Geek Week and shows Tim Child (left) directing Mark Knight who plays Lord Fear (right) for the level 1 spyglass sequence.  All entries must be submitted by 10 January 2014.

Terms and Conditions

1. Captions must be submitted as a comment on the abovementioned Facebook page before 10 January 2014.

2. In the event of multiple similar or identical submissions, we will consider only the earliest.

3. We reserve the right to offer an alternative prize to that offered.

4. The prize is not redeemable for money.

5. The prize is for a print copy of the standard edition of the Art of Knightmare book.  The prize is not for the collector's edition.

6. The prize includes standard UK shipping.

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