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It's been a few years since the eagerly anticipated KMVR proved unsuccessful in the bid to resurrect Knightmare. Fans have spent the last few years hanging by the optimistic thread of Tim Child's message, 'Something Stirs'.

The new dawn of cannot bring miracles, but we can now offer clips from the pilot, never before hosted on this site.

KMVR Pilot Clips

For the history of this project, browse our Televirtual section.

The Introduction. The orc, a servant of Lord Fear, introduces the players: Arthur Wells is morphed into an avatar dungeoneer. His cousin acts as the single advisor.

As you'll see, the dungeoneer was not blindfolded in KMVR. Many have seen this as the fundamental weakness to the new format.

The Clue Room. Treguard says the items are carried magically.


Two objects could be used or taken. Arthur can also look into the spying orb.

Spy Orb: The familiar sound of Mark Knight's glowering tones. "Infinitesimal... It so describes my talents."

Slice Me Dice Me: A tricky puzzle, which required careful timing to avoid a set of swinging axes. The solution (as often found in Knightmare) had been discovered by spying on the opposition.

Character animation had become Televirtual's speciality by the 2000s. Was this puzzle inspired by the frustrations of the early 90s, when Broadsword's vision could not be achieved in time to save Knightmare from the axe?


Causeway: Imagine directing a blindfolded dungeoneer down this narrow chasm! The gaming engine was generated with support from the National Lottery and ScreenEast. The gargoyle, Despair, reminds us of the Weeping Doors from Series 4.

Another new feature: the dungeoneer is able to spellcast himself. This sheds further doubt on the need for any assistance. Arthur finds himself in the capable company of Ellie, who has been released from the gargoyle's spell.


KMVR has received mixed opinions from Knightmare fans. What are your thoughts on the pilot? What would you have done differently? How would a new Series 9 of Knightmare look for you?

Join the debate on the Knightmare Discussion Forum or on social media.

Credits (in order of appearance)

  • Garstang (Narrator) and the Ogre were played by Tim Child
  • Treguard was played by Hugo Myatt
  • Lord Fear was played by Mark Knight
  • Lissard and Despair were played by Nick Collett
  • Ellie was played by Louise Milford

Geek Week Update, 2013

Various aspects of Knightmare VR would be seen again in 2013's YouTube Geek Week episode of Knightmare.

These include the actor, Nicholas Collett, Garstang the goblin, and the Slice Me Dice Me room.

Download this file (1314_Clue_Room.wmv)2. Clue Room.wmv[2. The team reach a clue room, and investigate with Treguard's help.]4567 kB
Download this file (1314_Despair_Encounter.wmv)5. Despair.wmv[5. The team encounter the wall-monster, Despair.]752 kB
Download this file (Causeway.wmv)6. Causeway.wmv[6. The team reach the causeway, and Despair.]6869 kB
Download this file (Intro.wmv)1. Intro.wmv[1. The opening of the pilot, introducing the players.]1738 kB
Download this file (SliceMeDiceMe.wmv)4. SliceMeDiceMe.wmv[4. 'Slice Me Dice Me' - Lord Fear's fiendish new puzzle.]2398 kB
Download this file (SpyOrb.wmv)3. SpyOrb.wmv[3. A slightly longer clip of the spy orb only.]1388 kB

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