Knightmare Needs...You! A brief note from Knightmare fan, Chris Ballard, on the importance of the convention.

A Knightmare convention is obviously an incredibly exciting prospect - if you haven't already done so please read all about it. I'm sure you'd all agree that it would be a great shame if not enough money is raised and all those activities/talks/screenings never come to pass. However, the implications of an unsuccessful funding campaign are possibly even wider than it might at first appear.

Whether or not the financial target is met is an acid test of how popular the show still is. If the convention doesn't go ahead it sends a strong message to TV executives (or commissioners of online content) that there simply isn't enough interest to justify either taking the show forward or simply showing repeats of the classic series.

But if everyone who would religiously watch a new series of Knightmare - or would just love to be able to tune in to watch re-runs of Series 3 (for example) on a Friday night - contributes just a small amount then not only will the convention go ahead but Knightmare's flag on the televisual terrain will be that bit more visible; a convention might even attract media interest in the same way Knightmare Live did last year.

A contribution towards the cost of a convention is therefore not just an investment in a single weekend, it's an investment in the future of Knightmare. Last year was a great one for the show, so if you are at all able, please pledge your support and help to keep building the momentum! Even if you can't make the Norwich event you might still reap rewards further down the line...

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