Radio Times is running Kids TV Champ on their website (bring your own apostrophe), where you can vote for your favourite children's television programme of all time. It's Round 1 of the knock-out contest this week, with 128 shows paired off.

Knightmare is there. It's up against the Teletubbies. At the time of writing, Knightmare is trailing by nearly 25%.

You'll want that link now. -  No logging in or registration required. "Proceed with care," as Treguard said, "But don't delay": voting closes at the end of Friday lunch hour. Please spread the word on social media too, so that Tinky Winky and co don't blight what has been a fantastic couple of years for Knightmare and its fans.

Update, 24 October 2014: Knightmare is through to Round 2, where it's up against Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers. Please keep voting and promoting (same link as above) and help Treguard put the chipmunks and their inferior facial hair firmly in their place. Voting for Round 2 closes on Monday 27th at 2pm.

Update, 27 October 2014: Knightmare is through to Round 3, where it's facing DuckTales. Please keep voting and promoting (same link as before) and help the Dungeon take the ducks down (if you'll pardon the pun). Voting for Round 3 closes on Wednesday 29th at 2pm.

Update, 4th November 2014: Thanks to your support, Knightmare is through to the semi-finals. It's up against Sooty, whose fans are proving very determined (did someone say 'multiple voting'?) and aren't letting Knightmare claim a big lead. Your votes, between now and 2pm on Wednesday 5th, are more crucial than ever.

Update, 6th November 2014: This is it. The final. Knightmare versus SM:tv Live. Voting is due to close at 2pm tomorrow.

Thank you!

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