The web team at Anglia Television have let me know that a new section on their website, 'Anglia Gold', has been launched. It is a look back at some of the most well-known shows in Anglia's 40-year history.

Included is a great section dedicated to Knightmare, including information about the show, the cast, spin-offs and an FAQ. There is also a RealPlayer video clip from Series 8 and a Flash-format interactive adventure game coming early next year entitled 'KNIGHTMARE - Shadow of the Technomancer'.

Anglia Gold [via WebArchive].

In addition, a new book is now available entitled 'A Knight On The Box - A celebration of 40 years of Anglia'. The book only features one page on Knightmare (and its spin-off - Virtually Impossible), but if you are also interested in the history of Anglia Television and its programmes, then it's a good read.

More information is available at Anglia Gold.

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