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Knightmare Series 7 continues on Challenge, enticing new viewers all the time!

Double-bills are still broadcast every Saturday and Sunday morning at 8am and late night/early morning repeats the following day. Please check listings for up-to-date schedules.

Series 8 will follow, but there is no indication of what the scheduling plans are after this.

New Viewers

As expected, Knightmare on Challenge has brought many new viewers to Knightmare who did not see the original broadcast on ITV.

An exciting example of this is from a recent posting on the forum from a new viewer, 'knightmare_rocks', who illustrates this well:

I'm ashamed to admit I had never HEARD of Knightmare until last night at 1.45am when I was bored and channel-hopping and I came across this amazing programme on Challenge!

At first I wasn't sure what was going on - there was someone holding a magnifying glass and then this evil sorcerer type guy stuck his hand into his cauldron and I thought WTF!? What's going on? And the next thing I knew this giant hand appeared and tried to grab the contestant! It was so unexpected I got such a fright I actually jumped!

I thought WOW! This programme is so cool, I can't believe it's got CHILDREN in it! Then that robot killed those girls and the skeleton on the screen collapsed! IT WAS WICKED!

And those eerie tunnels with that music is so scary! And I'm 15, believe it or not!

So I had to look it up online and found this website that I have been looking through all night, It's amazing!

I had no idea this show existed.

26th September 2004