What made 2017 a memorable year for Knightmare?

Here are some news items you may have missed or, like Knightmare, are quite happy to relive. With Knightmare's TV series count in mind, we've gone for eight.

1. Remember the Knightmare Teletext games that stood in for Bamboozle sometimes? Following the recovery of a set of pages from 1993, one of the adventures was turned back into a playable adventure. Thank you to Al's Website and Paul Kelly for this, and to Michael Cule for writing the adventure in the first place. More on Mr. Cule later.

2. Knightmare appeared in a documentary. Filmed in 2016 around a special performance of Knightmare Live, with input from us at, we were excited to see it online as part of Red Bull TV's Screenland series.

3. Talking of Knightmare Live, it has continued to entertain watchers up and down the realm, from Exeter to Edinburgh. Paul Flannery & co will be on the road in 2018 too. 

4. Many fans got to meet the Knightmare cast at conventions. Hugo Myatt, Treguard himself, entertained strangers at Burton Comic Con, Folkestone Film, TV and Comic Con and Wyntercon. He has Stoke Con Trent lined up for 2018. Every so often, he crosses paths with Doctor Who stars at these events - hence the Twelfth Doctor's line "Doctor, I let Hugo."

David Learner (Pickle) and Michael Cule (Brother Mace, Fatilla, Doorkis) appeared at Lazlar Lyricon III. Here's Michael being interviewed at the convention by Brazilian website Obrigado Pelos Peixes! There's a welcome cameo from Brother Mace.

Although Lazlar Lyricon was a get-together for fans of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, David and Michael did participate in a live reenactment of Knightmare, which we're sorry to have missed.

Photo: Joe O'Connor

5. 2017 was also memorable for the saddest of reasons. Among those who passed away was Bill Cashmore, who appeared in Knightmare Series 8 as Snapper-Jack, Honesty Bartram and Bhal-Shebah. Our ongoing condolences to Bill's loved ones. There is some comfort in learning from his website that he helped three people via organ donation, and that Tamsin Greig raised over £1,500 for the National Autistic Society in memory of Bill this month.

While we didn't want such tragic news to be true, we felt it was right to share it with Knightmare fans as soon as we had confirmed it. Despite this, there was speculation on social media that we were spreading 'fake news'. While we are grateful to those who follow us on Facebook and Twitter, we hope you will remember that we are an officially endorsed source of Knightmare news and we act with this responsibility in mind.

Thank you to James Aukett for passing on these picture cards of Snapper-Jack and Honesty Bartram which Bill Cashmore had given to him.



6. We enjoyed seeing a Knightmare question on Tipping Point.


7. One key phrase connected 2017 to Knightmare: 30th anniversary. We marked it with an array of new articles, including: 

30 facts about Knightmare 

"Ooh nasty" at 30

30 years of Knightmare memories 

We've also begun adding dedicated pages for each quest. You'll see examples in our Series 2, Series 6, Series 7 and Series 8 sections.

8. Our YouTube channel has seen a boost to its life force too. We've released the first of our behind the scenes videos with Knightmare artist David Rowe:

We've also got hold of three clips of an oddly familiar show called Notmare. We'll see if we can get more next year.

You can find more of 2017's Knightmare happenings by browsing back through the posts on our homepage. Here's hoping for only pleasant surprises - and plenty of them - in the next twelve months.


As we prepare once again to change the calendar - ours is a scratch & sniff Sylvester Hands calendar: what's yours? - thoughts turn to how "out with the old, in with the new" could apply to Knightmare's own phases. For this, I'll hand over to Mr. Robin Barlow.

'Hello to one and all. As has been mentioned before, most recently in Chris Ballard's excellent article The Knightmare before Christmas, the end of a year was twinned with the sadness of another Knightmare season ending. However the flipside of this was as 1991 turned to 1992, 1992 to 1993 and so on, the anticipation began.

Discussion started as to who would be retained, what rooms would be kept and what we thought of certain teams and scenarios they had faced. In other words, we replayed the events back and forth so much that even the spindizzy would have been a less giddy ride by comparison! I remember many stony faced (I'm looking at you, Granitas!) debates in those halcyon days before the written word captured them for immortality on this website, its guestbook and forums.

These days, various blogs and social media too have captured some of this essence with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal and YouTube all playing a part. Back in the playground, though, you could change your opinions at the drop of a hat (or indeed a Helmet of Justice - or two).

You'll no doubt be familiar with these eternal questions: some of the many which were much asked but never fully resolved...

"Who's the better assistant: Pickle or Majida?"

"That team deserved to win! If they had only..."

"Will someone finally win the Cup?!"

Whatever your views were, they will have been by now shaped and honed, while hopefully being flexible enough to discuss and reexamine - whether on this site, at a meetup or in your workplace (and if your younger colleagues make you feel old by not remembering Knightmare, message us and we'll help you through it). Keep the torch burning bright... 'til Knightmare once more stands aright.'

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