Less than three months into 2015, you might be surprised how much has been happening on all sorts of Knightmare fronts. Because lists are highly fashionable, and I sometimes have wild aspirations to be highly fashionable, I've made a list. From 1 to 10...

Jonathan Green's well-acclaimed tome on the history of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks also features a piece on Knightmare.

Radio Times is running Kids TV Champ on their website (bring your own apostrophe), where you can vote for your favourite children's television programme of all time. It's Round 1 of the knock-out contest this week, with 128 shows paired off.

Knightmare has been crowned 'Kids TV Champ' via an online poll run by

The new CITV Old Skool channel on YouTube has clips of Knightmare Series 3 to 8.

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