Just a heads up - Challenge TV's rights to Series 4 will expire on 31/5/06 and Series 5 on 30/9/06, so the next showing of these Series could well be the last. If you haven't seen them yet - don't miss it!

The Bring Back Knightmare Campaign (BBK) is a long running campaign to get Knightmare back on TV. In recent times it has taken a back seat as Challenge started showing repeats and Knightmare VR was in development.

ITV is preparing for a three hour special programme in celebration of its 50th Anniversary. This show will be a countdown of its 50 greatest shows, and viewers will decide the order by voting for our top shows.

Knightmare is now being shown on Challenge TV again in the same slot as previously - Saturday and Sunday mornings from 8-9am in double bills.

Knightmare was filmed at Anglia TV's Magdalen Street Studios in Norwich. It was announced last month that these studios are to close due to overcapacity as a result of an OFCOM decision to allow ITV regions to reduce the amount of local non-news programming.

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