Okay, nothing to do with the Knightmare as we know it, but a new ride at the Camelot Theme Park in Lancashire has been named 'Knightmare'!

Knightmare featured in a BBC Four programme called 'Children's TV On Trial: The 1980s'.

Just a heads up - Challenge TV's rights to Series 4 will expire on 31/5/06 and Series 5 on 30/9/06, so the next showing of these Series could well be the last. If you haven't seen them yet - don't miss it!

Sadly we have to report that John Woodnutt, who played Merlin and Mogdred in Knightmare has died aged 81. John had a long and varied career as an actor, appearing in a large number of British films and shows.

The Bring Back Knightmare Campaign (BBK) is a long running campaign to get Knightmare back on TV. In recent times it has taken a back seat as Challenge started showing repeats and Knightmare VR was in development.

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