Another chance to see Series 4 on Challenge. From 10th Jan it will be shown every weekend morning at 8.30am, repeated 3am. If you're not up that early/late, don't forget to set your VCRs!

Anglia Television's 'Anglia Gold' website was launched three years ago, and features a section on Knightmare. Unfortunately we have been informed that the site is due to close very soon, possibly due to a restructuring at ITV.

Challenge have announced that they have purchased the rights to broadcast Series 5 of Knightmare.

The main evening slot for Series 5 on Challenge moved from 6pm to 7pm since 10th November. This is good news since the later prime time slot means more people are available to watch it.

Challenge has been broadcasting Series 4 from 2nd June. This was followed by another repeat of Series 3 and then Series 4 again. The all-important ratings for Series 4 have proved inconclusive and therefore Challenge will not be acquiring further series for the time being, but this has not been ruled out for the future.

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