We're delighted to announce the launch of our new website on Friday 25 September.

The countdown is on to the launch of the new website. In true Knightmare fashion, it will take place on Friday 25 September at 4:40pm.

The new site will have a host of exciting new features, including new 'Dungeon' and 'Character' sections full of your favourite Knightmare memories.

For the first time, it will also have a fully developed behind-the-scenes section, exploring how Knightmare was made.

Enjoy on your phone!

Our 2020 version is the third development of, and the first since 2009. Technology has changed a lot in 11 years.

For a show as technologically advanced for its time as Knightmare, it's fitting that we catch up with the times too.

Our new site will be just as good to experience on your mobile as it is on your screen. Not only is it an awful lot faster, we've also refreshed our media library to offer a more visual experience.

We’re always glad to welcome old and new visitors to Come and visit our new site and help to keep the memories alive.

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