The transfer to the new site in 2010 required an excavation of all the deepest corners of the Knightmare online kingdom. The amount of hidden material that has been uncovered has been astonishing. Keith McDonald shares a few favourite finds, and spells a few hopes for the future of the site.

Welcome back to KNIGHTMARE.COM, now in it's SEVENTH year!

As luck would have it, we only just got the forum back up and running again, and then a week later the main website went down due to problems with the hosting provider (sound familiar?!).

It's now well over 10 years since Knightmare finished on Children's ITV, and the New Year marks 6 years of this website.

We are pleased to announce that the Knightmare Discussion Forum is now back online after nearly two weeks of downtime due to problems with one of our hosting providers.

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