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Re: Series 4 - Episode 1

Posted: Wed Jun 17, 2020 2:58 pm
by Morghanna
A very different feel to this new series. :-/
It appears that Treguard ordered his men-at-arms to refurb the ante-room during the off-season and he has also gained an assistant, Pickle the elf, albeit on sufferance.

The place of choice was a precarious-looking opener. Stepping off the spindizzy onto those narrow walkways seemed quite tricky for the first test. It looked like Helen stumbled onto the path more by accident than design. :-/
Really didn't like the new drawbridge door-monsters. They seemed an unnecessary addition to the clue-room guardians and really slowed the game down. They were also generally annoying.

Hordriss was on good form tho. Reassuring to see a familiar face in the midst of the changes. He offered the team a pact to retrieve an object for him. (A recurring theme in S4.)

Then the first major change: The eye-shield. Controversial opinion here, but i took an instant disliking to it and have never changed my mind since. The eye-shield sequences seemed very slow & long-winded and therefore took too much active game-time out of an episode.
In contrast, the dwarf tunnels in S3 fitted nicely into the look of the dungeon and generally only appeared for a few seconds here and there.

Next major change was that the dungeon had expanded and "gone outside" and they were using real footage rather than artwork. Another change which i never took to. It says so much about David Rowe's work that his artistic rooms in S1-3 were far more atmospheric than real castles.

There was a nice scene with Motley & Mellisandre.
The new level 1 clue-object guardian was good. A kind of tree-troll manifestation named Oakley, with a great voice provided by Clifford Norgate.
2/3 answers, but they received two helpful clues, which ensured they took the correct objects.
Time-out arrived before they had gone much further tho. An extremely slow-paced episode, even for a series opener. Unfortunately, this was to be the standard pace for a long time to come....

Team 1 seemed a competent team, no problems for them so far.

One new feature which i really liked was the status bar, which looked very cool. :)

Re: Series 4 - Episode 1

Posted: Wed Jun 17, 2020 3:14 pm
by s4t8brett
Hi Morghanna,

I agree with you about the Weeping Doors. Not so slow when you're actually playing the game and under pressure to get the correct answers, but a bit of a drag to watch at home. If the misery-mood were changed to something more dynamic, it would perhaps have been more enjoyable viewing. At any rate, a bit of Synchrovox technology was somewhat interesting.

Best wishes,

Re: Series 4 - Episode 1

Posted: Wed Jun 17, 2020 4:45 pm
by Morghanna
Hi Brett,
Yes, the actual questions are pretty quickfire, which must have put you under pressure. You don't get long to confer.
What slows it down is the length of the scene, as a whole. It seemed to take a very long time to tell the team how to summon Dooris and then it seemed to drone for a long time before actually getting to the questions. Yes, the depressing voice didn't help.