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Series 6 - Episode 5

Posted: Sun Apr 18, 2004 8:21 pm
by Billy
Well, as no one's done one yet, I guess I'll start this episode's thread!

I'd forgotten how fantastic this new incidental music is, especially on the causeway, it really heightens the sense that they could die at any moment. I'm still fond of this team, however, they're now in Level 2 with no sign of any danger. Sly Hands was great in this episode, with his drinking habits, asking Alan if he wanted a bite of his carrot and the 'Coonan the Vegetarian' disguise, and Smirkenorff with a voice is definitely growing on me, he reminds me of a taxi driver. The episode ended after the team set off to recover Sidriss' beauty, personally I didn't notice any difference, but as the saying goes, 'Ugliness is in the eye of the beholder'! I'm not sure about the new style endings with Treguard only, Pickle seems to disappear at the end. I guess including him, though, might have messed up the effect at the end where the background fades out and Treguard floats around a bit, with the 'Play fair, or Fear play foul, we will begin again at the alotted hour' line(Probably done by having Hugo Myatt sit in front of a blue screen). Still, as always, can't wait for tomorrow's episode!

Re:Series 6 Episode 5 *No Spoilers Please*

Posted: Sun Apr 18, 2004 8:49 pm
by Purgatory
I've noticed Pickle hasn't done alot so far, not really getting involved.

How on earth did this team beat that causeway? they were really slow.. look what happened to the 1st team and they were a lot faster. i see some cheating going on.. if the timer was on like the other level 1 they would have been killed.

Still doesn't seem to be any Real danger about, just working the clues, talking and a few ghosts.. it's really easy.

Re:Series 6 Episode 5 *No Spoilers Please*

Posted: Sun Apr 18, 2004 8:50 pm
by mattymoo_goblin
The Dwarf Tunnels i think add the most tension never knowing what is going to be around the corner. They don't seem to use them very much at the moment though.

I did think this episode dragged on a bit. I agree Sly was very good but especially after the next scene with Ah Wok and THEN the next scene with SLY followed by a chat with RIDOLFO. Too much talking and very little else. But at least the characters are more entertaining unlike in Series 5.
Where have the goblins gone this series? I noticed they haven't made much of an appearance yet.

Also a shame the Causeway wasn't timed, they wouldn't of made it off the first block they were so slow, it annoyed me because that was the first Level 1 non-timed causeway!!!

But a good episode and I look foward to tommoros episode ;D

Re:Series 6 Episode 5 *No Spoilers Please*

Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2004 12:38 pm
by Melisandrinoff
Yeah, good episode, though I too am mourning the lack of Pickle - he hardly said anything! I do like Ah Wok, hehe ;) and Ridolpho grooves too. I think Sidriss had like one zit on her face - anyone else feel this was something of an overreaction? Get yourself some clearasil girl, and get on with it! ;)

Re:Series 6 Episode 5 *No Spoilers Please*

Posted: Tue Apr 20, 2004 2:51 pm
by Velda
I like this team too (S6 is getting some v. good teams), although I think it's funny that Jim (the advisor with the dark hair) keeps saying "you're not gonna fall off anything" in nearly every room! ;D

That was a good sequence (if a bit long), with Sly Hands (aka Conan the Vegatarian!) and then Ridolfo - it was quite entertaining. Lol, and I wouldn't have suspected that Ridolfo carries a sword around!

Ah Wok scene good, and that ghostly samurai scares me a bit too - the chopping sound of the sword does it, I think!

I laugh every time (I have this series on vid already) I watch Alan sitting down in Smirky's saddle without stopping - especially when Smirky turns round as he just gets in and says "Hmm...the cheek of it!"

The Sidriss scene is good too, but she isn't as ugly in it as she makes out to be (it's really just a bit of dirt on her face).

Another great episode! ;D

Re:Series 6 Episode 5 *No Spoilers Please*

Posted: Tue Sep 28, 2004 1:05 pm
by darkDescender
Hmm, first update in a while. Anyway, time for more ravings...

Started in the clue room with a spyglass. Lord F instructing 'Ands to pose as a hero, not an ear'ole. Then he makes a deal with Shady Lionel (Scaramonger) to eliminate Ah Wok with a SAMURAI spell. Dungeoneer was chased away by Stormgit. Next is 'Ands the Invincible calling himself Coonan the Vegitarian and waving his great big sword in alan's face. Notice Alan jumps back. 'Ands goes off to get drunk while a Pooka shows up and does an impression of Tony Blair via the gift of face-pulling. Next is Ah Wok being oriental as usual. SAMURAI scares him but team dispells and saves him. Wok gives password, 'Eraphant', as sign of thanks. Into the crazed Heifer. 'Ands is drunk and chased away by Ridolfo. Team trade musical scroll for causeway combination. Ridolfo warns them to be quick or else. He then makes an unconvincing quacky sound while drawing a finger across his gullet. So apparently, if the team are too slow Alan will turn into a duck. Super. After a short interval we enter Beardovision-so called because the Eye Shield is really just a camera held by a (possibly) bearded crew member-to go down stairs into the blocker room. Blocker froze for a moment, and after a few good close-ups of that lovely middle advisor we go to the causeway. Team a little slow to cross, but they make it. Next we have Smirkenorff being uppity and calling Alan a cheapskate. Smirky then goes on to make a full circle and land back at the castle he took off from. through dwarf tunnels to Sidriss with a few spots. Agreed to help before time out occurs. Peggatty appearing in the credits. Sidriss is currently co-starring with Olaf in 'Grin and Pillage it' in theaters across England. The Big Book of Convincing Sound Effects by Ridolfo is now available in all good bookshops. Price-a tin of Spam.

Re:Series 6 Episode 5 *No Spoilers Please*

Posted: Fri Oct 01, 2004 11:48 am
by FrightKnight
BillyH wrote: ...the effect at the end where the background fades out and Treguard floats around a bit, with the 'Play fair, or Fear play foul, we will begin again at the alotted hour' line(Probably done by having Hugo Myatt sit in front of a blue screen).
Naw! Treguard can fly and float! Don't tangle with my illusions! :o

And Dark Descender,I really should read your reviews more often. It's hard to stifle laughter in a packed University library though... ;)

Anyway, I remember bits of this episode, having just watched the Chinese GP. Those pookas look really good. Perhaps they should bring them back for KM VR, even as a cameo appearance.

Re:Series 6 Episode 5 *No Spoilers Please*

Posted: Fri Oct 01, 2004 11:51 am
by darkDescender
"And Dark Descender! I really should read your reviews more often!"

Thanks! Of course, I always aim to please. Actualy I aim to kill, but that's another story...

P.S. Yes, I know about the 'quote' button, but it's too much hassle.

Re:Series 6 Episode 5 *No Spoilers Please*

Posted: Fri Nov 24, 2006 5:31 pm
by TomDread
LOL! Hands was a right comedian! "I'm cunad the vegetarian, that's 'cos i likes carrots! Woukd you like a bit of it?" IQ of a river shrimp :D

Re:Series 6 Episode 5 *No Spoilers Please*

Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2007 7:58 pm
by Selphie
Okay, not too much to add to this that hasn't been said but anyway...

Not an amazing episode; level one is more interesting in my opinion then last series but I'm still a bit bored of seeing it already. I think the lack of much variation in the rooms we see doesn't really help.

I like the flaming stormgiest, the music they use with it is good and tense if not scary.

Sly Hands as Coonan the Vegetarian is so silly but so funny.

One of the advisors keeps telling Alan that he's not going to fall off anything. It's good to know I guess ;) Speaking of which it's interesting that the level 2 causeway that Matt from team 1 fell off on is used in level 1 on this quest. They're certainly a bit cautious crossing it. I think the similarity in a couple of the colours on this one doesn't help with seeing if the dungeoneer is standing in the right place. The causeway music used here is good, adds interest to the crossing.

I'm really saddened that watching it again I can clearly see they only have one section of dwarf tunnels that they reuse by changing the colours and sending them different ways. I thought they went for miles when I was a kid!

"You're not going to fall off anything" count = 4 ;)

Re:Series 6 Episode 5

Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2007 8:15 pm
by Drassil
The truth about the dwarf tunnels was revealed to the forum by Simon, a Series 7 advisor from Barry's team:
Sai wrote: The Dwarf Tunnels were shaped like an A. They were made of two sets of two parallel corridors. The first set intersected by the second at the top and middle, making a squared-off A. We had seen this beforehand and Barry just decided to go ahead and wander around.

Re:Series 6 Episode 5 *No Spoilers Please*

Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2008 2:04 pm
by Selphie
It's nice to have that confirmed :)

I think its a credit to the makers that they made the dwarf tunnels so versatile with the different lighting etc. I was utterly convinced as a kidsie that they were an entirely different place to the first set :).

Re: Series 6 Episode 5

Posted: Wed Nov 23, 2011 7:32 pm
by Canadanne
I would love to know the story behind one of Alan's advisors warning him "Don't hit your head again!" when they tell him to duck the beam above the stairs. *g*

Re: Series 6 - Episode 5

Posted: Sun Sep 06, 2020 1:50 pm
by Morghanna
At the start of this episode they did recognise the spyglass for what it was.
Bizarre scene with Hands. If they had accepted his half-eaten carrot, would it have half restored life-force? ;D
Neat work in the market to dispel the "SAMURAI" spell and save Ah-Wok. Gained the blocker password in thanks.
Amusing scene in the ale-house with Sly Hands & Ridolpho. Laughed when Alan sat on the edge of Hands cloak. ;D
They should have simply remembered the musical score and told it to Ridolpho, (as one of the advisors could clearly read music) then they could have taken an extra object from the clue room.
They were very slow across the causeway.
Paid Smirky with silver to reach level 2. Liked the way he called them cheapskates coz they only had silver, not gold. :D

Encountered Sidriss, who was very upset and agreed to help her.

Team 3 generally made good progress, but like team 1, were iffy on the causeway.