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Transitions between episodes

The first episode ended during this quest, so we encountered the first 'temporal disruption'.

Warning, team, complete temporal disruption approaching. Time is now the enemy.

Although all continues in your world, here time has flown, all adventuring must cease until you phase with us once more.

The fire behind Treguard now stops burning.

Treguard: "Will our dungeoneer come to a sticky end? And if so, why should you care? For here nothing is real, and everything surely is an illusion."


Subsequent episodes of Knightmare would begin with a recap of the previous episode, which was known as a 'Progress Report'.

The game resumed when Treguard announced "game on".


Anglia Television Logos

The original episodes broadcast on ITV in 1987 and the Challenge repeats showed this original Anglia production logo.

The repeats on the Sci-Fi Channel showed a newer Anglia production logo at the end, which must have been adjusted for those broadcasts.


Next Quest (Series 1 Quest 3)

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