Team 6: Helen, Anthony, Jon-Paul and Claire from Mid-Glamorgan.


Team 5's quest lasted 12 minutes.

Treguard: "Your life force is condition green and your spirits are high. The Silver Spurs of Squiredom await your success."

Level 1

Treguard: "No time to waste here. May I suggest that Helen uses her feet?"

It's a particularly easy start: simply step on the key to unlock the door.

The team exits, into a room with a Scorpion.

Treguard: "Dire warning team. This story has a sting in its tail made by magic. At least, it can seriously damage life force."

The team time their exit carefully.

The Level 1 clue room is guarded by Granitas. There are some interesting flowers on the clue table!

Treguard: "Oh dear, Granitas appears to not be in a good mood, but he never is!"

They score two and are told that flowers will please the lady. They decide to take the flowers and the key.

Next is a bomb room with a locked door. Helen holds the key to the lock while the fuse is lighting.

They arrive at a ledge where they meet the Giant. Helen quickly and calmly walks past.

Lillith is unwell, so the team offered her flowers. She was delighted and found the energy to summon the causeway.

Lillith: "Rock to rock and stone to stone, span the pit and cross the zone."

She gifts the team a WELL spell, noting the irony.

Lillith: "Oh dear. If only I were well... See yourself out!"

Helen arrives at the Corridor of the Catacombs.

Treguard: "Warning team. With one more correct riddle and you would have known which way to go. Now you have to guess, and guess quickly. Life force energy low!"

As the floor begins to fall away, they guess and take the left-hand door.


They reach a room with no exits!

Treguard: "Problems problems, team. You appear to have taken a wrong turning."

They cast the WELL spell, which fails (with a sound effect heard only once!)

Treguard: "Unfortunately team, the WELL spell can only reveal a well. It cannot create one. Oh dear..."

"Rotten luck. A 50-50 chance, but without the full reward from correct riddles, you turned left when right was right."


This quest was the second shortest in this series, although the team arguably had a tough ride. One incorrect answer to Granitas ended their quest.


Next Quest (Quest 6)

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