No teams were successful in winning Knightmare in series 3. However, teams 4 , 6 and 11 were the most successful in that they were the only teams to make it to level 3.

Team 4: Leo, Matthew, Simon and James from Bromley

Without magic to show the correct path, they took the wrong path in the stained glass room, and fell off a cliff.

Team 6: Ross , Gavin, Fu-Wang and Sharsad from Birmingham

This team fell off a narrow ledge in the second room of level 3 just after meeting Morghanna in the same place, and then being pursued by a magic axe.

Team 11: Martin, Darren, Lee and Jamie from York

Morghanna killed this team in the stained glass room of level 3 (they didn’t earn any 'dragon magic' from Owen).

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