Series 5 level 2 used a combination of photography and computer generated imagery. Unlike in previous series, the photography used natural colouring rather than modified colouring.

Level 2 Entrance

Upon entering level 2, the Eye Shield showed a path up some steps and along a corridor.

The Hall

This place was often a encounter with Hordriss or Motley. Hordriss here sets a challenge for the team to retrieve something for him in return for magic. Picture on the right shows Motley being released after being stuck in a giant card.

Haunted Room

This room was often haunted. Here (left) showing Pixel flying about after stinging goblins, and a skull guarding a chest (right).


A variety of puzzles for the correct path. The Causeway of Armour required the dungeoneer 'never to take the path of aggression' (i.e.avoid the weapons). The Causeway of Colours required a sequence to follow.

The Causeway of Elements followed a set sequence. Sometimes this was provided (as shown); sometimes the sequence had to be learned.


Another clearing in the woods. Here showing Motley about to be used as a pin-cushion by Gwendoline the Greenwarden.

Ariadne's Lair

Ariadne makes a welcome return again this series, with the idea being the same. The team here sensibly decide not to stand around and look through the spy glass.


Another return from series 4, although this time round Oakley only asked one riddle in return for information. Here the team earn the colour code for the causeway.


Pickle: "Master! It's a blocker, and a particularly nasty one." The password in this quest was 'Black rock' .

The Bailey

This room saw the team killed by Skarkill because they were unable to bribe him with a goblin horn.


The Farm

Featured an appearance from Sir Hugh de Witless.

The Village

More from the village...


Outside rooms look fairly similar, although there are exceptions (right). Some (below) are reconstituted from series 4.

The Gate Tower

The descender was used as a way to get to level 3. One (unfulfilled) exception was one team tasked with finding a firestone for dragon fare to level 3.

The level 2 descender was located in the Gate Tower. It was guarded by the GateMaster.

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