A number of new Opposition characters were introduced in Series 6.

Please refer to Series 5 - Opposition for descriptions of characters who had also appeared in Series 5.

Our list here includes a few "neutrals" and "nasties" who weren't strictly Opposition members.

Lord Fear

The Leader of the Opposition had a new chamber in Mount Fear this series, and had replaced his crystal ball with a communications pool: the Pool of Veracity.

David Rowe's original painting of Mount Fear

Skarkill the Goblin Master

The master of the goblins and Lord Fear's henchman. From the end of series 5, in possession of a hobgoblin, Tiny.

Greystagg, Queen of the Grey Sisters

Queen of the Grey Sisters (witches). Precise and eloquent. Dungeoneers found her tough to deal with, but she was more deferential to Lord Fear. Greystagg's responsibility is access to the Amber Forest, which meant an uneasy co-operation with Lord Fear. She eventually decided against an outright alliance.

Like Nemanor, neither on the side of the Opposition nor the Powers That Be, which makes deciding which page to put her on a dilemma.

Captain Nemanor

Captain Nemanor: "This ship is cursed never to find land, and I am cursed never to leave it."

Suspicious and volatile captain of the level 3 ship The Cloudwalker. He assured Lord Fear during an acrimonius argument that he would kill any stowaways on board his vessel, but teams with a fare were usually safe. Nemanor hated Lord Fear above anyone else, and gave magic aid. He delivered one team to the Caverns of Gore, and sacrificed his lightning rod which saved Knightmare Castle from the dragon Red Death in the End of Season fury.



A bumbling witch, erratic on a broomstick. Had a sister called Peggatty (who cackled and fireballed dungeoneers from her broomstick). Liked to trade with dungeoneers.

"Firestone's no good to Heggatty!"

Sylvester Hands

Referred to this year by Fear as a piece of walking detritus.

Sylvester Hands: "How about we - you and me - meeting up later at the inn... and we'll get drunk?"

Julius Scaramonger

Scaramonger suffered through competition this year, and turned to Lord Fear for help. Fear in turn looked to Scaramonger to give assistance in the upper levels, such as planting a dragon caller to entice Red Death to travel there.


As difficult as ever.

Elita: "You! Face ache!"


Treguard: "Some sort of mechanical device, powered by magic. Quite illegal, of course. I've warned him 'til I'm blue in the face about creating paradoxes and anathema".

Password required.

Dreadnort: "Give me a word, or I take a limb. Perhaps an arm, perhaps a leg, maybe even a head."

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