Series 2 - Episode 7

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Re: Series 2 - Episode 7

Post by knightmaredave » Fri Aug 30, 2013 7:18 pm

must watch this episode before tonight's ep as i was away last weekend, it was a fun quest because they were well,, so stupid i mean if they can't spell then what's the point i actually wish Mogdred got rid of them there and then would have been much better.
The clue room was too generous as well really I suppose we'd already had 2 level 2 deaths a third would have well made the series a bit more boring. I didn't like the ledge room u never knew what/who would be there and this time it was Mogdred

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Re: Series 2 - Episode 7

Post by fluttermoth » Fri Aug 30, 2013 8:58 pm

I really don't think they should (shuld? :p) have been allowed to get past Mogred.

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Re: Series 2 - Episode 7

Post by Canadanne » Fri Aug 30, 2013 10:49 pm

Guy Standeven's troll cracks me up in the scene with Akash... it's the way he's being all generous and philosophical one moment, then abruptly finishes with "Shove off then" as if wondering why he's still there!

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Re: Series 2 - Episode 7

Post by Morghanna » Mon Jun 01, 2020 1:42 pm

A totally crazy episode. I remember this one so well.
Many people have rated team 6 as the worst team ever, altho i think that's a little harsh. Let's just say that to describe their performance as mediocre would be a compliment.

I actually felt rather sorry for the advisor Tanya as she was the only one who showed real enthusiasm. The others contributed very little and didn't seem to care whether they were there or not.

Chose the right-hand exit from a surprisingly empty first room, then received a "TRUTH" spell from the troll with very little effort. Had a total panic in the bomb room, altho admittedly plenty of teams did. They initially reacted well, but weren't helped by Treguard's interruption just as they started to give their directions. Even so, that fuse seemed to run for a very long time....

They were a little unfortunate with their riddles. The first one was tricky (more suitable for level 2) and the second one was a bit ambiguous (altho their answer was poor) but the third one they messed-up. Tanya actually told them the correct answer, but inexplicably her team-mate (who admitted she didn't know the answer ::) ) ignored her and told Akash to say something else, eliciting an annoyed "I told you!" >:( when Igneous thundered "Falsehood!" again.

Their choice of clue objects was difficult as well. Unlike some quests, there wasn't an obviously wrong object such as a crossbow or dagger, so they had to totally guess. The ice-pack (which they rejected) was a very unusual item, suggesting that it was there for a reason, but the other two items both had arguments for/against.
Next up was the corridor of the catacombs. They actually moved Akash very quickly, but in their rush to get out they just automatically headed for the right-hand exit, failing to realise that the sword symbol of their quest was on the left-hand door. ::) Finally took the correct exit after heavy hinting from Treguard.

Arrived in Lillith's chamber to find her with a severe hangover, err i mean headache ;D and demanding an ice-pack! 8-o They made a last-gasp attempt to bribe Lillith with the precious gem, altho it was unlikely to work. We all know what happens to teams who fail to please Lillith. >:D
"So crumble ledge and Akash too!" It was certainly a short but entertaining quest.

You would have expected that team 7 would seem low-key after this, but hold right on there....
They also had a total panic in the bomb room, distracted by some food which they wouldn't have safely collected before detonation. Eventually scrambled out without it.
Next up was the clue room with food anyway. Granitas was in full flow when the gong sounded.
"I think it's about time you got wise to the ways of real magic. The kind that is borne on the dark side." >:D

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