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Events in 2024

Developments in the world of Knightmare in 2024


2nd February 2024: Remembering Clifford Norgate

We're sad to report that Clifford Norgate died on 4th January 2024. He was a few weeks away from his 92nd birthday.

Clifford is cherished by Knightmare watchers for his portrayal of Hordriss the Confuser from Series 3 to 8. Far more than a pantomime performance, he took the character on a journey from would-be dungeoneer killer to intriguingly neutral mage to doting father to staunch ally of the Powers That Be.

His rich tones also enriched the Greater Dungeon through his voicing of dragons (Owen, Smirkenorff) tree trolls (Oakley) and automata (Dreadnort).

Clifford, also known as Cliff, reportedly had a career in the police overlapping with his early acting career. Beyond Knightmare, he was also known for roles in Doctor Who and for audiobook readings including Georgette Heyer.

Many schoolchildren had the pleasure of visits from Clifford. A keen golfer, he was reportedly still playing as his 90th birthday approached in 2022.

Whether standing alone, clashing or collaborating, he was ever magical on screen in Knightmare. Thank you, Clifford, for being such a special part of a special series.


10th March 2024: Hugo Myatt in Cryptmaster

In the new game Cryptmaster, players get to explore a dungeon and use magic by spelling out words.

It's no secret that Knightmare inspired this gameplay feature. More than that, Hugo Myatt (Treguard) is part of the cast!

Hugo voices the game's narrator and Orthos the Spellmaster.

'In the ancient past, four brave heroes banded together to destroy a terrible evil, giving their lives to save countless others. But now their eternal rest has been disturbed by the Cryptmaster, a capricious necromancer in whose thrall they must ascend through the buried strata of the city above them – the gloomy Bonehouses, mysterious Sunken Sea and freakish Downwood.

With the enigmatic Soulstone in hand, the four adventurers must recover their memories, solve whimsical puzzles and defeat outlandish enemies. From fishing and card games to bardic rap battles, finding the right word is the key to success.'

Cryptmaster from Akapura Games has a distinctive look, an aptly unnerving atmosphere and plenty of humour. It's available to download as a demo ahead of the game's release on 9th May. Find it here on Steam.

Hugo has many video games to his credit, including Black & White and Fable.

11th March 2024: TRANSFORMATION and BUT

BUT and TRANSFORMATION, unused spells in Series 4 Quest 1, are one of the biggest outstanding questions across the Knightmare episodes.

For reasons that may become apparent in due course, we managed to get an answer to this quest.

1) It was intended that the team cast BUT followed by TRANSFORMATION.

2) The spell BUT was intended to make Mogdred stumble over his words, specifically the word 'but'.

3) TRANSFORMATION would cause Mogdred to transform into Merlin, whereupon he would open a door for the team to escape the room.

4) The room was not the final room, but it was close.


9th April 2024: David Learner on Countdown: photo

Did you know that David Learner was a contestant on the gameshow Countdown before appearing in Knightmare as Pickle?

While there are no known clips online, David has shared a photo via his Twitter/X account.

David's first game was on 7th February 1986. He won it 54-46. His second appearance was 10th February and he lost 25-43.

27th April 2024: Two playable Knightmare Teletext games

There are now two restored (i.e. playable) Knightmare Teletext adventures online:

To the Ice Palace of Aesandre

Journey through the Lairsdale

You can play both on Andrew Nile's website here.


2nd May 2024: Knightmare Live in 2024

Knightmare Live is back for 2024, its 11th year. Shows will include:

UK Games Expo, NEC Birmingham: Friday 31st May and Saturday 1st June

End of the Road Festival, Larmer Tree Gardens, Blandford Forum, Dorset: Thursday 29th August to Sunday 1st September, show date(s) to be confirmed

London: date(s) and venue(s) to be confirmed

Find the latest details and booking links on Knightmare Live's social media.

14th May 2024: Alec Westwood in music video

There's a familiar face in the new music video from Be Like Pablo. Or, without his Folly makeup from Series 1 and 2 of Knightmare, maybe not so familiar.

Alec Westwood, who also played wellway guard Gibbet in Series 1, appears in the video for There Goes the Sunshine by Scottish powerpop band Be Like Pablo.

In 2018, Alec appeared in Be Like Pablo's video for Do You Wanna Go Surfin'?.

Among the connections between music videos and Knightmare:

Edmund Dehn (Gumboil, Series 1 and 2) was in the video for Hate by Loom;

Juliet Bryant (Gwendoline, Series 5) appears in the videos for Disappear by INXS and Are You Ready? by AC/DC;

Paul Flannery (Treguard, Knightmare Live) can be glimpsed the video for Night Changes by One Direction (or The Only Way Is Onward as we like to call them).

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