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To the website of the award-winning television show, Knightmare

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Thae Satellite Game - Island of Death artwork by David Rowe, cropped for header image

The Satellite Game - Environments

06 June 2021

Exploring the locations and challenges on the Enigma Satellite.

The Satellite Game - Killer droid header image

The Satellite Game - Characters

06 June 2021

A look at some of the characters, allies and adversaries on the Enigma Satellite.

The Satellite Game - Enigma art by David Rowe

The Satellite Game - Overview

06 June 2021

Jason Karl gives an introduction to The Satellite Game, Knightmare's sci-fi sister show from 1990.

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Series 4 - Level 1 - Fatilla affected by JOKE spell

Knightmare Comic Series

10 September 2012

Knightmare fan and former forumite Mark 'Frightknight' Dowling has created a mini comic series to toast 25 years since the fantasy series first graced the screens of Children's ITV.

Our Weekly Pick

Ah Wok, the Oriental Trader. Played by Mark Knight.

Ah Wok

12 April 2020

Ah Wok is a likeable oriental trader who provides competition for Julius Scaramonger in the Level 1 marketplace.

Article of the Day

Series 7, end of series. Barry (team 7) finds two cubes containing the Shield and a troll hammer.

Barry Thorne and Team (1993)

30 June 2010

Three members of the famous final team of Series 7 have written to us about their experience.

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Recent Forum Posts

Series 5 - Episode 12

I found the advisors' confusion towards Elita's voice disappointing. Speculation: the intention was for the team to have some interaction with the voice and establish its identity before spellcasting ...

Posted by AriadnesLayer on 12 October 2021

Series 4 Episode 3

or one of the parts would have had to have been pre-recorded, with the consequent lack of live performance, flexibility and interaction.That's not to say it wouldn't have happened though. An in-perso...

Posted by AriadnesLayer on 12 October 2021


How susceptible a more powerful, magical character such as Mogdred, Morghanna or Lord Fear could have been to such a spell is a matter of opinion.I think it was just a matter of the show's creators do...

Posted by AriadnesLayer on 12 October 2021

Series 4 Episode 3

I like the idea that both BUT and TRANSFORMATION would have been used at some point. However, to this day I think it kind of sucks that the team were supposed to be psychic and know that, on this one ...

Posted by AriadnesLayer on 12 October 2021

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