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A second variant of Merlin's chamber. A handpainted scene by David Rowe.

Behind the Scenes with David Rowe

17 January 2021

The team went to visit David Rowe, the artist of the original hand-painted dungeon rooms.

Notmare Castle exterior from credits

Notmare Series 1

06 December 2020

What happens when the staff of get hold of a studio and have a weekend to spare? Answer: Notmare.

Header image of the Slice Me, Dice Me challenge from Knightmare VR and Geek Week.

Slice Me, Dice Me

10 September 2020

A fiendish puzzle with swinging axes introduced in the 21st century episodes of Knightmare.

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Series 3, Quest 6. Ross faces Morghanna on a narrow ledge.

Morghanna's Causeway

10 May 2020

This narrow causeway appeared only once but claimed one of the few teams to reach the third level in Series 3 of Knightmare.

Our Weekly Pick

The town of Wolfenden, which appeared in Series 5 and Series 6.

Series 5: Dungeon

09 June 2020

The Series 5 dungeon expanded on the theme of real-world locations, adding helicopter footage for flights on the new dragon.

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The inn, The Crazed Heifer, as shown in Series 4 (1990).

Crazed Heifer

11 February 2020

A popular location in the dungeon, Knightmare's tavern was a regular source of supplies, information and gossip.

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Knightmare quests at conventions etc

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Room background sources

Thank you! I've altered my first post and will be careful with this one - it's weird now to come back to a completely different era. When I was last here, virtually nobody on the board had even seen a...

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Room background sources

Hi again and thanks for extending your return visit to these virtual shores. If there's one thing better than a Knightmare kick, it's a Knightmare kick that delves behind the scenes (or in this case t...

Posted by Drassil on 18 January 2021

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