Series 3 - Episode 6

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Re: todays ep,

Post by Dan » Sun Aug 29, 2004 8:24 am

Grimaldine Grimwold wrote: It's be very interesting to know exactly what the gargoyle would have told them if they'd been correct. Would he have told them the correct way? If so, what use were any of the Level 3 clue objects? I still find it a little confusing. Mogdred said none were of use: surely he couldn't have been telling the truth.
(old thread resurrection alert, sorry!)

I think, having finally had a chance to watch this series from Sky+ recordings (and therefore actually seeing the first 3 minutes of each episode, which always used to be cut off for me by ntl due to their sloppy switching from TV Travel Shop to Challenge...), that I know what the Gargoyle would have said.

Treguard hints at the start of episode 6 that the team have missed information from the Gargoyle, and again in the recap at the start of episode 7 that they have missed -how- to use the clue items. I therefore postulate[1] that the Gargoyle would've told Leo to do something like sprinkle the stardust on the shield and hold it up in order to reveal the correct path - or maybe sprinkle it on each path (instead of on the flat bit before the paths) in order to illuminate the way, leaving the shield to be used in a final confrontation.

The wording Treguard uses in his recaps at the start of episodes 6 and 7 are the key to this - he very strongly indicates that Leo had all the items he needed, just lacked the knowledge of how to use them together. Shame.

[1] or at least speculate wildly.

It's a shame you can't post to a thread without bumping it back to the top of the forum. Hello to all the people that've just read this to find out why a Series 3 post has suddenly appeared in amongst the Series 5 threads. Series 3 is better, anyway. ;-)

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Re:Series 3 - Episodes 5/6

Post by MoanaLiza » Sun Aug 29, 2004 5:53 pm

Particularly when the old title still remains at the top of each thread, saying todays ep. Mind you I forgive you if you've only just watched that ep again and felt like you needed to comment on it.
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Re: todays ep,

Post by Helvellyn » Fri Apr 18, 2008 9:22 pm

Well, if dragging this old thread out is OK, I'll do so a mere four years on (the penalty of discovering this site too late, I suppose).

The question was hard. I'd have known it at that age, but only because I'd been taken there :) Whilst Avebury is reasonably famous, it's not exactly commonly famous, if that makes any sense. Anyone interested in wandering around looking for stone circles would know of it, or anyone who's visited the area, but not the rest because it's hardly ever mentioned anywhere. It was tough, but it was Level 3, so I'm not completely sure whether or not it was too tough.

In my opinion trying the Glory spell would not be a good idea, either now or later. Mogdred isn't going to hand something out that'll be of use. Perhaps the idea was that they might be panicked into trying it a bit later, had Leo survived.

For a harder question, what's the largest stone circle in the north of England? Avebury has tourists; this has one only had a few cows whenever I've been there.

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Re: Series 3 - Episode 6

Post by Gretel » Sat May 17, 2014 4:05 pm

Dragging this back once more to admit I watched the entire episode over again for Velda... she is a rather sweet thing, if a wee bit stroppy.
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