The night of the castles

Other shows or games that remind you of Knightmare but aren't official derivatives.
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The night of the castles

Post by Dartacan » Tue Nov 20, 2007 10:12 pm

I didn't know where to put this, so if it's wrong any moderator please put it on the right place.

I'm talking to you because if you liked knightmare you may also like "The night of the castles" an spanish gameshow that was aired only in one season in 1995.

Each episode featured 3 parts

* The race to the castle: 3 teams must ride in 4x4 to arrive the first ones to the castle. during the race they must choose within two paths. One of them is free and the other one has a task that they must finish in order to continue. The team that arrives first goes inside the castle.

* The adventure: The winning team has now 1 hour to free a princess. In order to do it they must get 7,150kg of gold and figure out where the princess is. They get the gold by some tasks that appear as a story goes through in the castle. When the time finishes, they must convert all the gold in a giant key so that they can open the princess prison. If they don't get enough gold so they cannot open the door, the jailman comes and murders her. If that happens the show finishes here and noone wins. If they free her, they escape from the castle and go to the final round

* The king's tower: The winning team must do 3 obstacle courses while the other teams put difficulties on them. If the team doesn't finish one of this courses in time, the other team gets the princess.

The show is in Spanish, but is still enjoyable if you don't understand it. The show only lasted one reason. It was really expensive and the viewing rates were poor.

Here you have some of the programmes (Some of them are in quite poor quality)

[links removed by moderator - please search on google video]
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Re:The night of the castles

Post by sozboz » Fri Nov 23, 2007 8:28 pm

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