Would you want Treeguard back in a new Knightmare?

How might you change Knightmare if a new series were to be made?
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Re: Would you want Treguard back in a new Knightma

Post by KaM » Mon Jun 30, 2003 2:18 pm

Again, this adds to the wonderful debate about the unknowns of the new project. What would work, what wouldn't? What would please all, what wouldn't?

I'm in agreement with those who agree that Knightmare couldn't be the same without Hugo Myatt - certain elements are always just too prominent to be missing. As far as the avatar technology goes, I find it difficult to think of how a computerised clone could interact with the same ~ humour, expression.. everything. I blank my mind totally from the sprite from V.I. - it's totally different, but it does come to mind nonetheless. Given the amount of communication that went on in later series, the lack of human inclusion could be a little more ackward - but given how a lot of Treguard's wisdom through Series 2 came diffused through the playing screen, maybe there are possibilities.

As I've said before, I have total trust in Tim Child that, as the original creator of the greater game, his decisions will only be the best for the new game.
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