U kno sum1's been messing w. the dungeons when...

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Re: U kno sum1's been messing w. the dungeons when...

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Picklemyfav wrote:
Drassil wrote:
Drassil wrote:So there stands Corbiss the Bemuser. Wary of the Angelic Eagle, "inundated with questions, questions, questions", hoping somehow to keep his allotment without losing the plot.
After evading a flying piece of Igneous, the Angelic Eagle has fled, leaving only a feather behind. (Some say the eagle sought refuge with another wall monster, Granitas, who has returned to the dungeons after running an anti-Corbiss restaurant in Islington.) Corbiss the Bemuser turns the feather into a quill by using it to write a parchment to the new T. Bag (an empowered sister to Tallulah and Tabatha, thought to be named Theresa), urging her to consider the plight of the leopard when choosing her footwear. But after spilling ink over the parchment and finding his blotting paper inadequate, Corbiss abandons it and leaves for an engagement. Later, one of his ogres arrives and condemns the "****ing useless blotters" as he deals with the spillage. Whether he is happy to clean up Corbiss' mess, or doesn't even realise he's doing it, is unclear.

Where did Corbiss go? Concerned for the structural integrity of the dungeon chambers, he attends a cube solidarity rally. He is later questioned about it by an elf of Elvandis (referred to by the tongue-tied as "Elvan-Davis") who brings news to knights. During this interview, Corbiss insists, "I don't do malice." A sorceress from Knightmare Series 4 would later remark, "I'd like to see him try!"

As the interview concludes, the ogre arrives with a slice of Series 8 Life Force Pie (Corbiss felt sorry for it) and a cup of stinkwort tea. But he trips on another stray piece of Igneous and the contents of the tray go all over Corbiss. Blaming the equipment, the ogre rages about "****ing useless platters".

"You could have done with protection against the platter," the cheeky elf says to Corbiss. "Where's a tray guard when you need it?"
Pickle and Majida use the different helmets of justice and remake Robot Wars by building their own robots using said helmets and fighting each other. Skarkill gets invited to Lord Fear's castle for tea and finds out about Pickle and Majida remaking Robot Wars. Lord Fear decides to build a robot too as does Skarkill. Treguard decides to act as referee.
After Pickle beats everyone else in the fight by running around and knocking all other fighters into the pit. The gang sit together and watch Robot Wars the new series on bbc 2.
After the show ends Pickle asks Treguard and Lord Fear. "When is Knightmare coming back on?" They both reply. "I don't know. Still waiting on the phone call from Tim."
While Lord Fear is at Treguard's castle Lissard has a little song and dance wearing a overly long robe of Lord Fear's. He has found a long blond wig and has decided to wear it with the robe. Corbiss the Bemuser comes in and remarks "that is a pretty lady" before grabbing Lissard on the chest causing Lissard to cry out. "Get off me you idiot i'm a guy."
Corbiss the Bemuser decides to leave the castle.......... before Lissard lets Lord Fear know what happened......... but Lord Fear has just got the text from Lissard........ so Corbiss the Bemuser is being hunted down by Lord Fear as we speak......... Will he escape?
Corbiss has just been caught by lord fear 8-o ......the good news is that Lord Fear just wanted him to say sorry to lissard....... then lissard had to say sorry to lord fear for wearing his robe with a blond wig.....

lord fear then makes a public apology to any watchers who caught lissard dancing or singing.... he says he is not that cruel.
Cedric kneed down close to my helmet so i could see him and told me.
"You're not witless. You're just nice. Too nice really for your own good. That's your main problem."

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Re: U kno sum1's been messing w. the dungeons when...

Post by Drassil » Sat Apr 15, 2017 8:24 pm

Two dungeoneers try to ride on Smirkenorff at the same time. United airwans remove one of them by force, drawing blood. The incident becomes known as The Red Draggin' and The Haul of Folly.

Mellisandre creates realm peace by giving Fatilla a Pepsi.

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