Parody of The Hippopotamus Song

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Parody of The Hippopotamus Song

Post by Drassil » Sat Sep 07, 2013 7:42 pm

Another one about an infamous scene in Quest 7 of Series 2. Based on Flanders & Swann's The Hippopotamus Song, aka Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud. Official audio

A bold little dungeoneer was standing one day
On the side of a green painted vale
And hanging above 'im here, the face of a fay
With a penchant for making us quail
In the antechamber, sat watching the screen
The rest of the dungeoneer's team
Old Mogdred was charmless and quite far from harmless
With dangerously high self-esteem

Nothing quite like it for showing up duds
So burst out your bubble
Put down your shovel
And then let us chuckle at glorious SHRUD

The white-faced malevolence said he was the boss
And he shut up Lord Treguard so proud
The team will not have a chance if Mogdred gets cross
He's hit them with magic called SHROUD
Like thunder the letters had echoed, all six
Of the word that the team must dispel
If they cannot manage to undo the damage
Then they will look stupid as hell

Someone took three brains and swapped them with spuds
While they fail the level
Watch them and revel
And laugh like a devil
At glorious SHRUD

The friends sitting on the stalls, they heard Treguard moan
The significance they didn't know
So Treguard upon the fools bestowed a long groan
And it sounded much like "Letter O"
They finally realised the letter left out
And blundered on thanks to that aid
But when they met Cedric
Again they were dead thick:
And tried to cast SHOVEL as SPADE

Gets my jaw hitting the floor with a thud
So turn off the light, yeah
Come and sit right there
And we will watch Knightmare
And glorious SHRUD

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