Parody of Leningrad by Billy Joel

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Parody of Leningrad by Billy Joel

Post by Drassil » Sun May 08, 2016 1:52 pm

As Lord Fear's star rises, Treguard's spirits sink - until he decides to end their conflict once and for all. Based on Leningrad (1989) by Billy Joel: lyrics, video. (If you don't know this wonderful autobiographical song about Billy and one of his fans, please listen to it on its own before I ruin it for you.)

Lord Fear arrived
Autumn of '91
Spent Series 5
Just sitting on his bum
A man of scarlet eyes
Made evil fun
The Opposition post-Mogdred
He set his sights on Marblehead

Had his first lair
Upon, or in, Mount Fear
Waited to scare
A wandering dungeoneer
When Hands or Skarkill called
He liked to jeer
And many classic lines were said
Before he moved to Marblehead

I began four years before
To send those kids through the dungeon door
Watch 'em as they try to reach Level 3
Helped by folk of Powers That Be
But dungeon kids aren't hard to kill
When I cast DISMISS: a bitter pill
Magic them out then send some more
What do they keep on questing for?

Lord Fear was crushed
When some red dragon fell
He moved to Goth
It had a better smell
He laid his traps, and yes
He raised more hell
A troll dropped on him, so he fled
And filled the halls of Marblehead

And Pickle filled my Book of Quests
And I'd shut him up when he disgressed
And the children mostly failed their tests
I saw the elf get quite depressed
And on one dark September day
I learned my elf had gone away
And at my heartstrings my losses tore
What do we keep on questing for?

And so Majid'and I went to his place
To make a peace
With Lord Fear, face to face
He made my genie laugh
What a disgrace
And then he fireballed her dead
So glad I came to Marblehead

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Re: Parody of Leningrad by Billy Joel

Post by Canadanne » Sun May 08, 2016 2:54 pm

One of my favourite Billy Joel songs. <3
Loved this parody, especially the hilarious twist at the end! ;D

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