Parody of Kayleigh by Marillion

Knightmare-related musical parodies
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Parody of Kayleigh by Marillion

Post by Drassil » Wed May 03, 2017 11:44 am

It's just after the end of Series 6, when Red Death the dragon landed on Mount Fear. After a locally sourced meal, Lord Fear reflects on the time he spent with his dragon, which used to have a different name.

Based on Kayleigh by Marillion (1985) - whose name, like much of Knightmare, was inspired by Tolkien. Lyrics; official audio

Do you remember
Chucking jesters' skulls at talking walls?
Do you remember
Dropping Solstice gifts in Greystagg's hall?
Do you remember
The terror of the townsfolk in the square?
Do you remember?
Adored the way the flames licked at their hair

By the way
Did I just eat your heart?
It enthused me
I always meant to eat your heart
Not sorry
I had a need to taste a heart
I don't have one

Yes, I'm remembering your old name
And changing it to Red Death was better, you'd think
But I can't go on pretending
You were red when you're actually pink
Oh I really wish you'd missed me
When Treguard and Pickle shot lightning at you
But you crushed me with your carcass
And somehow it turned my backdrop to blue

Do you remember
Helping Skarkill gain a few more scars?
Do you remember
Fireballing pookas in the park?
Do you remember
Melting all Aesandre's precious snow?
Do you remember
You ate up all of Gretel in one go

By the way
How did you hit Mount Fear?
It confused me
I sent you flying out from here
Don't get it
You'd flown off, you were nowhere near
Bet you don't mind

Oh the stench is much too horrid
It smells worse here than Hands plus privies plus crones
I'll need to find another lair now
And patch up my broken bones

I won't use another dragon
I'll use non-flying creatures like trolls from now on
I'll get Treguard next time round, alright
And what could possibly go wrong?

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Re: Parody of Kayleigh by Marillion

Post by theconfused » Wed May 03, 2017 4:41 pm

Wow haha how do you manage to come up with these? So cool!

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