Parody of Toy Soldiers by Martika

Knightmare-related musical parodies
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Parody of Toy Soldiers by Martika

Post by Drassil » Sun Oct 01, 2017 12:03 pm

For three dungeoneers who fell: Simon (Series 3), Simon (Series 4) and Simon (Series 7). Based on Martika's 1989 single Toy Soldiers. Music video and lyrics

Left sidestep
Hearts on cards
They all fall down
Those boys Simon

It wasn't his intention to mislead you
You never should have gone that way
(And the) room wasn't grey
It's true - that Treguard said it was unstable:
"Proceed with care but don't delay"
When you have no forward sight
You need friends that know left from right
"So much for Welsh wizardry"

Step sidestep
Hole what hole?
Left why left?
He will fall down
That boy Simon
In the pit
Not their goal
They didn't win
But the laughter echoes on
Poor boy Simon

There was another one in Series 7
And there was one in Series 3
Friends didn't see
How could they be so blind about the cave mouth
In spite of his 'invisibility'?

Simon drops into the abyss
And then the team is dismissed
That's how it ended for these three

Ledge by ledge
Touch the hearts
On the left
Or you fall down
Like boy Simon
"Shooting star"
They didn't win
But tradition carried on
Poor boys Simon

They never win...

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Re: Parody of Toy Soldiers by Martika

Post by Picklemyfav » Thu Oct 26, 2017 5:04 pm

that's a good one Drassil....... love it.... lovely.
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