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by Lordnikon99
18 Jul 2005, 12:59
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DVD on Ebay

Ebay Item number: 6416289265

Someone trying to cash in [again], I sent a complaint in to Ebay. If others who are concerned by this could do the same.

This can only hinder any prospect of an official release....


by Lordnikon99
05 Jul 2005, 12:51
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Topic: Set paths and missing rooms....
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Set paths and missing rooms....

I was wondering if any1 could shed any light on whether rooms that didn't get seen in the quests were available to view. What I mean is, like in Series three when very little progression was made in Lvl 3 whether the rooms they didn't use were availble somewhere for people to look at and ponder........
by Lordnikon99
30 Jun 2005, 16:33
Forum: Knightmare a la Maison
Topic: Knightmare on DVD - any news?
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I know I'm a newbie to this but have been long logging onto this site and forum before registering. [actually registered ages ago but haven't posted] errm.... I hate to say this, but as much as I'd like it to see Knightmare come out on DVD and it would be fab to have all the episodes and special fea...
by Lordnikon99
03 Sep 2003, 02:53
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Topic: Am I too old to like Knighmare?
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Am I too old to like Knighmare?

When I was a kid I absolutely loved Knightmare. Since it has recently been shown on Challenge its re-kindled my 'passion' for it and I watched every episode (can't wait for series 5). Problem is i'm 22 years old!!!!  Am I too old for this???? Because, I mean, as excellent as it is Knightmare is stil...