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by Tom41
07 Oct 2004, 00:03
Forum: Series 6
Topic: Series 6 Ep 8
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Re:Series 6 Ep 8

When January's team dies, we see a shot of the advisers and the skull death scene appears to be visible on their monitor. But look closely and you'll see it isn't. What they've actually got is a still frame (or a very slow running video) of the advisers looking at a black screen, then digitally adde...
by Tom41
20 Sep 2004, 13:51
Forum: Series 6
Topic: Series 6 Episode 2
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Re:Series 6 Episode 2 *NO SPOILERS PLEASE*

Ah good, Challenge set the VT to stereo for the next episode ;) In this series and the next series, you can always tell when deaths are going to happen - especially on causeways. Did you hear the drumming to build tension just before the dungeoneer fell off? Other times they play that suspenseful mu...
by Tom41
20 Sep 2004, 13:41
Forum: Series 6
Topic: Series 6 episode 1
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Re:Series 6 episode 1 *NO SPOILERS PLEASE*

Actually, Matt did respond with a 'yeah' when the advisers talked to him while frozen. He didn't say anything about not being able to put it down though! Perhaps he did put it down and they just froze the video until they cast the spell ;) I've only just seen the two episodes here (had to tape the 1...
by Tom41
06 Sep 2004, 12:33
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Brother Maces classic lines?
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Re:Brother Maces classic lines?

What about all that stuff he said in Latin? I'm curious to know what he was talking about when he gave Latin statements to the dungeoneer (who didn't understand) or when he muttered to himself. I remember one time he muttered to himself "Ignoramus maximus" when the dungeoneer said he could...
by Tom41
06 Sep 2004, 12:25
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Things that should/shouldn't have happened...
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Things that should/shouldn't have happened...

Discuss here unfairness regarding teams in Knightmare. For example, if a team should have died but were let off - or vice versa. I can think of two from the current series (5) airing on Challenge at the moment. I remember one team was carrying poison instead of the green arrow (token of the greenwar...
by Tom41
05 Sep 2004, 18:37
Forum: Series 5
Topic: Series 5 - Episode 12
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Re:Series 5 - Episode 12

I remember well them trying to spellcast BAG against one of those floating skulls. The production crew clearly weren't ready for it, as nothing happened and no letters appeared on the screen. They were let off though and saved the spell for later. When they WERE ready for the BAG spell to be cast (w...
by Tom41
05 Sep 2004, 18:21
Forum: Series 5
Topic: Series 5 - Episode 11
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Re:Series 5 - Episode 11

I think that they should have died on level 1. Gwendolin clearly stated that they needed to get two out of three correct to get the password. They got one out of three, so therefore shouldn't have got the password - and been eaten by the Level 1 blocker. But instead Gwendolin said they were trying, ...
by Tom41
04 Sep 2004, 23:13
Forum: Series 5
Topic: Series 5 - Episode 9
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Re:Series 5 Episode 9 (Fri. 7th)

Sadly I overslept and missed it at 8am :(

I think what I'll do is set a VCR timer to tape the 1:30am showing on a spare tape. Then I'll copy the episodes (cutting out titles and ad breaks) onto my main Knightmare tape. Then perhaps I can comment on the eps ;)
by Tom41
03 Sep 2004, 19:56
Forum: Series 5
Topic: Series 5 Episode 8
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Re:Series 5 Episode 8

Resumed from time-out with Sylvester Hands harassing the dungeoneer. Gwendolin rushed in, and Sylvester Hands put a Helmet of Justice on his head to try and fool Gwendolin! Gwendolin set a few questions to prove who was the real dungeoneer - but with Sly giving thick answers as usual, it wasn't too ...
by Tom41
02 Sep 2004, 19:57
Forum: Series 5
Topic: Series 5 - Episode 7
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Re:Series 5 - Episode 7

Thought I'd bump this thread for tonight's episode. Resumed from time-out with Motley in the stocks. Learned from Motley that the only one who can free him is Elita - and that Elita likes green stones. Also used the spy-glass to spy on Lord Fear, and learned that someone was after the dungeoneer! Th...
by Tom41
01 Sep 2004, 19:57
Forum: Series 5
Topic: Series 5 Episode 6
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Re:Series 5 Episode 6

Bumping this thread for tonight's episode! Resumed on the Earth/Air/Fire causeway. Navigated brilliantly and got through. I think they should have died at one point, as the dungeoneer's feet were on one tile as it fell down. Perhaps they were let off. In the next room they found a chest, with a skul...
by Tom41
31 Aug 2004, 20:16
Forum: Series 5
Topic: Series 5 Episode 5
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Re:Series 5 Episode 5

Started off with the team navigating the causeway very well, keeping to the path of defense. They didn't panic much when the blocks started dropping like the previous team! Then onto the back of Smirkenoff. But Elita rushed in, (first appearance) and was very rude! Elita accepted the bag of silver f...
by Tom41
30 Aug 2004, 20:04
Forum: Series 5
Topic: Series 5 Episode 4
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Re:Series 5 Episode 4

Bumped this thread for tonight's episode. I liked Pickle at the beginning trying to take the role of Treguard introducing the viewers! Treguard then came in and wasn't too pleased... Resumed from time-out with Skarkill. Didn't have the gold to bribe him with, so instead tried to give him the goblin ...
by Tom41
27 Aug 2004, 20:27
Forum: Series 5
Topic: Series 5 - Episode 3
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Re:Series 5 Episode 3 *Contains Spoilers Of Ep4*

Resumed from time-out with Sylvester Hands 'harrassing' the dungeoneer. They had flowers now, so they let Pixel out of the bottle - and she used her needle several times on Hands! He agreed to give them the password for Level 1 if they told Pixel to stop it - and they did ;) Got the password SARACEN...
by Tom41
26 Aug 2004, 20:05
Forum: Series 5
Topic: Series 5 Episode 2
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Series 5 Episode 2

(merge with current thread please - I didn't feel like digging for the old thread) Oddly the status bar had a '1/2' symbol on it, denoting 15 and a half minutes into their quest! Usually they'd just round up to the nearest minute. Hordriss wanted the team to recover a shin-bone from a Sphinx. In ret...