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by Willowherb
30 May 2006, 22:40
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Last Dragon?
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Re:Last Dragon?

In Terry Pratchett's first book The Colour of Magic , the people of the Wyrmberg could actually call dragons into being by the power of the imagination. Now, while I'm not proposing this is what's meant to happen in KM, I think you can probably allow for the dragon species working in a slightly diff...
by Willowherb
18 May 2006, 23:06
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Whos ur favourite knightmare team ever?
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Re:Favourite ever team?

I'll vote for Martin and his "gritty lads from York" - they were endlessly entertaining! Martin telling his advisors to speak up, Martin in slightly-dazed mode emerging from the mining cart in Level 3 (although I heard somewhere that they genuinely had tipped him out a bit suddenly and the...
by Willowherb
18 May 2006, 22:39
Forum: Series 3
Topic: Series 3 - Episode 3
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Re:Series 3 episode 3

One more thing that's probably worth mentioning about this lot is that they're quite a mature team and perhaps because of this the difficulty level was subtly altered for them. Ways of doing this could simply be such things as letting them take the initiative in whether or not to help people rather ...
by Willowherb
18 May 2006, 21:15
Forum: Want to Help?
Topic: Wallpapers?
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Re:Knightmare Wallpaper

Sorry Turaga - it keeps timing out before I can view your wallpaper. I'll try again later. I like the collage wallpaper Steve - it'd be nice to see specifically-themed wallpapers as well. You could choose one particular character image and then surround it with a collage of other pics of that charac...
by Willowherb
18 May 2006, 00:06
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Fear (no, not HIM)
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Re:Knightmare's most frightening bit?

Hordriss' face starting to appear in the wall over the clue table (Simon's team, season 3), the sinister music and Treguard saying something like "Warning team, a presence is making itself felt and I fear it's not a pleasant one..."
by Willowherb
16 May 2006, 18:40
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Wrong Path (Or Was it?)
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Re:Wrong Path (Or Was it?)

Greetings once more... after a long absence. It's the old 'left' taboo coming into play here (left = 'sinister'; geddit?) On the odd occasion when you were supposed to go left it was made VERY clear with some clue or other because occasions like that were the exception: "When faced with death, ...
by Willowherb
15 May 2005, 23:33
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Corrdior of Blades
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Re:Corridor Of Blades

I do seem to remember Barry and one of the other dungeoneers being scratched by a blade - which in the older series would have lost them life force. Like in series 3 when Leo gets a clunk of the hovering axe on his head. Injuries like that gave the dungeon a greater sense of menace. Treguard: "...
by Willowherb
19 Apr 2005, 23:00
Forum: Forum Games
Topic: Re:3 word story
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Re:3 word story

and told her
by Willowherb
13 Apr 2005, 01:31
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Later series being easier - what is the cause?
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Re:Did Knightmare become easier?

I think there may well have been a change in how they saw their potential audience throughout the entire run of Knightmare, ie. they were shooting for a younger age-group at the end than at the beginning. This idea seems to show in the lighter, more comic atmosphere KM had latterly, with serious cha...
by Willowherb
13 Apr 2005, 01:08
Forum: Newbie Welcome
Topic: Falling into pits and introducing myself
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Re:Falling into pits and introducing myself

What a question! Thay shoved the little wretches into a bona fide deep pit of course - at least you managed to avoid that sorry fate... ;)

Seriously though - tough luck at not getting on the programme. I'm sure you'll enjoy the madness here on the forum.
by Willowherb
07 Apr 2005, 22:58
Forum: Series 5
Topic: Series 5 Episode 6
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Re:Series 5 Episode 6

It's so frustrating when a team throws away their chance of winning like this! It was obvious they were supposed to get help from someone (Level 3 might have got easier over the years, but it was never a walkover) and the only person around to help them was Elita. Of course, in theory any advisers w...
by Willowherb
13 Feb 2005, 17:16
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Topic: Jesters
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I'm biased because series 3 (with Motley) was the first one I started watching in earnest, but Motley did seem to me to have more staying power. The best episode in series 2 with Folly was probably the one where he lost his laugh... Still, Dark Descender is right in saying Folly seemed braver. A dun...
by Willowherb
08 Feb 2005, 23:26
Forum: Newbie Welcome
Topic: Hellz
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Welcome! We'll get there with the KM DVD petition (eventually). In the meantime, I'm sure someone here can help you locate video copies. Don't call off the search in your own home either - I went through my old vids from the early nineties for a bit of fun one day and I couldn't believe the number o...
by Willowherb
08 Feb 2005, 23:19
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Level 1 and 2
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Re:Level 1 and 2

Series 3 had the best Level 1 (love that giant dice at the start!) and series 2 had the best Level 2. I think I'd try to splice those together with some of the wilderness stuff from the later seasons - that gives you an excuse for having Smirkenorrf. For Level 3 it'd be great to have Lord Fear as th...
by Willowherb
18 Jan 2005, 23:42
Forum: Newbie Welcome
Topic: The Memories!
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Re:The Memories!

MERLIN: "What is the name of the bird that is reborn when it burns?" We won't put you through the trial by fire, though! Welcome, Phoenix. I'm the sporadically-posting Willowherb from the far north (well, Scotland) and I know exactly what you mean about the cherished Friday afternoon ritua...