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by Knight_light
02 Apr 2009, 06:03
Forum: Series 8
Topic: Re-assessing Season 8; know what? I like it after all
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Re:Re-assessing Season 8; know what? I like it after all

I don't know..I'm undecided really... On the one hand: ....the series got pimped up MAJORLY making it a lot more immersive and impressive looking to say the least. ...Majita stopped being irrate at every little thing and settled down into a good companion for Treguard. ...more Lord Fear bits :D gett...
by Knight_light
27 Mar 2009, 20:03
Forum: Jester's Corner
Topic: They would never say...
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Re:They would never say...

Dungeoneer: Okay there's a table with a red gem, a scroll, some sort of key and a MK-47.

Advisors: Do you think we should take the key and the gem?

Dungeoneer: Are you nuts? I'm taking the MK-47

Advisors: Uh are you sure..?

Dungeoneer: Hey i didn't start this thing BUT NOW IT'S F***ING OOOOON!!!
by Knight_light
27 Mar 2009, 19:41
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Mother's Day
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Re:Mother's Day

A knitted 'helmet of justice' bobblehat :D
by Knight_light
25 Mar 2009, 23:03
Forum: Newbie Welcome
Topic: I am a stranger and I've entered :D
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I am a stranger and I've entered :D

...So to speak :) I was born the year the series started so needless to say i didn't catch much of it when it originally aired. I got heavily into it when it repeated on Challenge instead! I loved the chemistry between Pickle and Treguard especially (you can tell they belong together :P) and the leg...