Knightmare with Kinect on Xbox 360?

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Knightmare with Kinect on Xbox 360?

Post by Rich »


Just thought of something, with the new Kinect motion sensing technology for Xbox 360, we could have a modern day Knightmare game! With Kinect being voice command capable, we could be the "advisors" to an Avatar "Dungeoneer", telling it all the Knightmare commands such as "side step left/right" or "Spell-casting" etc.

Anyone else agree?
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Re: Knightmare with Kinect on Xbox 360?

Post by JamesA »

I think it's a great idea.

Would possibly take quite a lot of effort in terms of designing the layout of the dungeon and tailoring such a system to react to "dungeoneer" movements, but if someone has the money, the know-how and would be willing to make it happen, then by all means I would be all for supporting them.
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Re: Knightmare with Kinect on Xbox 360?

Post by DarkComet »

I propose this idea be prototyped with a Kinect remake of the classic infocom text adventure Zork. If the experience of stepping down into the remains of a long dead underground empire via a trap door in an old white house can be successfully captured via this new technology, then it will be a simple adaptation to making it work with KM.

... yes, I would like to see oldskool text adventures getting love on modern consoles. Problem, officer? ;)
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Re: Knightmare with Kinect on Xbox 360?

Post by i2xi »

I would love to see this done! I've always wanted to see Knightmare on a console. Would buy a Kinect just for this. :D
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