Favourite Treguard ending(s)?

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Favourite Treguard ending(s)?

Post by MoanaLiza »

Which is/are everyones favourite Treguard ending(s) and why. One I like in series 4 was when it went something like Pickle saying "the bells master, the bells" and Treguard saying that he isn't Quasimoto! It went something like that but I can't quite remember how it exactly went though! (brain like sieve)
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Re: Favourite Treguard ending(s)?

Post by Billy »

I believe it went:

Pickle: The bells, master, the bells!

Treguard: No Pickle, you are a halfwit elf, not a demented hunchback.

I think my favourite is in Series 3. Right after the advisors are frozen, Treguard says in a brilliantly deadpan fashion "Well, there's no point talking to you lot. Might as well talk to myself." before noticing us and his mood suddenly changing back to normal. It always makes me smile.
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Re: Favourite Treguard ending(s)?

Post by Jebstar »

I kind of liked it when Treguard said;

"Of course, it isnt real, but neither are you..."

or something to that effect. I couldnt sleep for days with the philisophical worry.
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Re: Favourite Treguard ending(s)?

Post by Thanatos »

His speeches at the ends of Series 6 and 7 were excellent.
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Re: Favourite Treguard ending(s)?

Post by Pickle123 »

i can't remember the best but there were loads of brilliant ones though.

i liked they way treguard was explaining how we sort of disappear to pickle.
oh and who can't love "Bog off!" ;D although thats a pickle one really.
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Re: Favourite Treguard ending(s)?

Post by LordF »

There is a funny one, It goes like this:

Pickle: Master

Treguard: This Is Ludachris

and there is one where Pickle scares the Watchers Off in Series 5
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