Knightmare Dad !!!!

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Re: Knightmare Dad !!!!

Post by Lord_Bob »

Congrats to Moocowthingy on becoming a father-to-be, I hope you have the best of luck and that your kids grow to be KM VR fans. As for names then I have always like the name Bob...  ;)
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Re:Knightmare Dad !!!!

Post by Moocowthingy »

Howdy all, guess who just popped back in :)

Maizey May was born on 09/05/04 at 07:58. Guess we didnt get a Knightmare name after all lol, unless anyone can think of a Knightmare related link to Maizey May ( seperate names ).

Im gonna make a new post on where Ive been and why I went, I think You will guess it by the title :) wonder how many of you are still here?.


Ohh BTW Id post a piccy but Im useless at PC's at the mo, knackerd without a download option DOH.
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Re:Knightmare Dad !!!!

Post by Malefact »

Congratulations! :) How's she doing these days?

(P.S.: Sorry to be a sour-puss, but I'm afraid pictures can't be posted here unless they come from
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Re:Knightmare Dad !!!!

Post by darkDescender »

"Welcome to one of Mogdred's little playpens, dungeoneer. Play awhile...Play forever! Mwahahahahaha! Mwahahahahahahahaha!!!"
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Re:Knightmare Dad !!!!

Post by Fidjit »

How'bout Mellisandre, it's the closest thing I can think of, and congrats to you by the way! :)
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Re:Knightmare Dad !!!!

Post by FrightKnight »

9th May. One day too late by my reckoning. no, 8th May is when the little 'un should've been born!

Oh, and I'm still half here, half there, half anywhere, half nowhere...
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Re:Knightmare Dad !!!!

Post by MoanaLiza »

Hi, welcome back and congratulations. I'm trying to think of a connection between the name May the month of May and Knightmare, but am so far racking my brains.
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Re:Knightmare Dad !!!!

Post by Drassil »

Congratulations on the growth of your family! I hope you enjoy the years ahead.

As for a Knightmare connection: The Dungeon could be quite mazey (labyrinthine), and a team may or may not survive... ;)
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Re:Knightmare Dad !!!!

Post by Kieran »

Congratulations indeed, am delighted to hear of this news, is the first time I can recall a current KM member having a child of their own.

I can only imagine you're highly delighted :)
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Re:Knightmare Dad !!!!

Post by HarveyTowers »

Well Done!
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