Series 2 - Episode 5

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Re: Series 2 - Episode 5

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wombstar wrote:Plus their win seems very brief, I like later wins when they make a bit more of a deal out of it, the team looked a bit fed up to be honest. 'ugh, that's it' when the maid was freed.
It was more than slightly strange to give them a quest to "free the maid", and then the maid is represented only by a cut-out still of their head.

C'mon, if you were going to use that as the quest, book the actress to appear and congratulate them when they win!
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Re: Series 2 - Episode 5

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Reboot wrote:It was more than slightly strange to give them a quest to "free the maid", and then the maid is represented only by a cut-out still of their head.

C'mon, if you were going to use that as the quest, book the actress to appear and congratulate them when they win!
Yes, I seem to recall the Audio Series doing a more satisfying version of that ending. :)
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Re: Series 2 - Episode 5

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I don't tend to find numbers as crunchy as words, but here goes. This is apparently the 13th overall episode of Knightmare. If Series 1-8 ran for 112 episodes, the Geek Week episode is the 113th. The total of all the years from both centuries in which Knightmare has been shown is 113. Today is 5/8, and 5+8=13. This is about as far from triskaidekaphobia as I'm likely to get.

This must be the first if not only episode with a 'previously' sequence that incorporates a clip from a separate quest (i.e. Mogga's spirit fingers from Quest 3).

I understand that after watching the SLEEP scene in this episode, Jimmy Nail went off for a rethink about a song he was working on called Dragon Shoes. Also, was the smoke effect the same as the one used for Treguard's Series 5 introduction?

Three spells in four rooms must be a record. I like the way that the quest began and ended with a starscape. After they cast FREE, a burst of Alright Now from Mark to Gretel wouldn't have gone amiss. He could even have split a piece of chewing gum with her.

It's frustrating how Treguard guides the outcome of various scenes. And yes, there were no Level 3 riddles and we all know what effect they had when introduced in Series 3. Nevertheless, it was still fantastic to see the team overcoming what they had to face and putting the Win into Wickson (and Witney, come to think of it), and to know how heartened watchers at the time would have been to see that the Dungeon was beatable. I wonder if applications for Series 3 surged as a result.

It must have been sobering for Mogdred to see Level 3 conquered. If he wants to stop it happening again, and generally to steal back the show, he'd better make his presence felt on Level 2 in the coming quests.

The Wheel of Fate hadn't even stopped spinning when Tony was whisked to the clue room. Perhaps they'll give it a miss in the quest after.
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Re: Series 2 - Episode 5

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I watched this episode last Saturday as part of my redisovered Knightmare fondness.

Belated congratulations to Mark and the chaps for becoming the first winners, I missed it first time around as it pre-dated my original Knightmare viewing.

However, I couldn't help but think they had a pretty breezy time of it down in Level 3. Everything was put on a plate. Mogdread hung around for what felt like about 20 minutes before he was given an answer, and left them untroubled after that. Treguard gave a nice prompt for everything else that was required.

I suspect there was a conspiracy to ensure that a team finally emerged succesful.
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Re: Series 2 - Episode 5

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The first ever winners! Yay! :)
Right from the start this team looked competent and they were worthy winners.

That cavernwight really got after them at the start of level 3. 8-o Hurried them into taking the left-hand exit.
The gargoyle scene was a little too long. Collected a spell for a bit (well, quite a lot) of flattery.
Took a very long time to reject Mogdred, before finally making the correct decision.

The only "nearly" moment was in the stained-glass window room, just how close was he to stepping into that chasm? He was right on the very edge. 8-o
Then, one advisor mixed up his left/right and told him to sidestep left!!!! 8-o
Unbelievably, the dungeoneer also mixed up left/right at the same moment and stepped right to safety!!!! ::)
Somehow they contrived to make two wrongs equal a right, and survived.
(As they were on the brink of victory at the time, this would have been far worse than another infamous "sidestep to your left!" moment from series 4.)

Not sure why they were arguing about the exit from the dragon's lair. It seemed obvious.

Great to see their reaction when they completed their quest tho. They seemed genuinely excited. A great team :)
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