Series 5 Episode 8

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Re:Series 5 Episode 8

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BillyH wrote: DARN! Why did I have to miss the one episode that DOESN'T get a 7.30am repeat?
Know the feeling I missed the episode as well.
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Re:Series 5 Episode 8

Post by Billy »

As you can see, I missed this episode on its September 2004 showing. It was also the last episode to be shown on a weekday until this month, as the schedules moved to just Saturday and Sunday the following day.

If you were confronted by two people wearing helmets and claiming to be Ben the dungeoneer, which would you go for? The kid in the red shirt, or the fully grown adult in a brown smock? Exactly. But incredibly, Gwendoline is fooled by Sly's ruse, and sets three questions to the two. Sly quickly blows his cover by amongst other things thinking a female deer is called Bessie, and legs it after the third question.

Tis bold Sir Hugh to rescue...him. You have to marvel at the way they made it look like Neddy was actually in the studio, when it was actually filmed ages before with a Mark Knight lookalike riding it. Cleverly the pre-filmed footage even has 'Sir Hugh' getting off Neddy, walking towards the dungeoneer, before there's a cut to a close-up and the real Sir Hugh walks in. Very clever, as is Sir Hugh's feat of strength as he picks up Gwendoline and carries her off.

After several minutes of more pre-filmed stuff (Eye Shield, then Spyglass) we see the a-mace-ing Mace. Ben asks him to prove his identity. Come on, he's not going to suddenly reveal himself to be Fatilla, is he? They eventually throw the book at him (well, give) and he gives them some information and a SESAME spell, which will inevitably reveal Elmo, Snuffleupagus, etc.

They navigate a causeway and pass a Blocker, and oh no, it's Arthur Skarkill! Luckily this horn is a different kettle of fish to the one that sounded (ha!) the end of team 2, as it's a Gwen Horn. She scares off Skarkill and the team make their way into Level 3.

Ooh, snow! Acres and acres of snow! Good to see some for once, seeing as we've had virtually none since last March, save for a tiny bit on December 27th. Honestly, we never get snow around these pa(LONG RANT DELETED)since 1995. Dig that neato cloak, though! They should have made the advisors wear one too, each a different colour. They look through a spyglass and see the Cookie Monster (Lord Fear) talk to Big Bird (Aesandre). See what I mean about the SESAME spell?

And then we time out! Today's episode was brought to you by the letter K, and the number 8. Knightmare is a production of the Broadsword Television Workshop.
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Re: Series 5 Episode 8

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Amusing scene first-up, which had Hands pretending to be a dungeoneer (complete with fake helmet of justice) and Gwendoline trying to decide who was what. :D
Then another rather pointless scene with Sir Hugh.
Nice scene with Brother Mace, but they were rather suspicious and disagreeable to him. Finally gave him the book and received a "SESAME" spell.
:idea: If they had watched series 4 (and they really ought to have done) they should have known that Brother Mace was a trustworthy character.
Made very slow progress across a causeway again. Team 4 were generally very good, but their directional movement was not the most efficient.
Passed the blocker ok, but were then confronted by Skarkill and had only the horn. 8-o (no gold)
However, this time the horn was not a goblin horn, but a summoning horn for Gwendoline, who sent the weaselly bounty hunter packing. They received the clue for the descender from her.

Entered level 3 in Winteria. (It's always winter here, but never Hanukkah :'()
Ben has magically gained a warm cloak. :D
They arrived straight at the clue-"room". First sighting of the ice-cold dark sorceress Aesandre >:D thru the spyglass just before time-out arrived again.
"I think it's about time you got wise to the ways of real magic. The kind that is borne on the dark side." >:D
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