Series 7 ep 4

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Re:Series 7 ep 4

Post by DazzaS »

The spikes is a clever puzzle this seris, but the dungeoneer could easily just stand back and le them go through the sequence on its own. oh well.vast improvement this eposode.
Ooh, nasty!
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Re: Series 7 ep 4

Post by Canadanne »

It seems to me there's some weird editing in the scene where Green Hordriss asks Nicola for help. He says quite loudly "Find me some relief, and bring it speedily!", and then the next line in close-up seems like it was filmed later, as the sound quality is totally different as he half-whispers "I have enough power for a short journey of calling. My calling name is Malefact." It then cuts really abruptly to him talking at full volume again, "You must call clearly three times." At first I thought perhaps he'd forgotten to tell them his calling name and they'd inserted it afterwards, but I'm not sure, as one of the advisors does mutter "Have we got to shout Malefact three times or something?" as Nicola is leaving the room. I suppose she might already have been familiar with his calling name from watching previous series?
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Re: Series 7 ep 4

Post by Drassil »

Canadanne wrote:one of the advisors does mutter "Have we got to shout Malefact three times or something?" as Nicola is leaving the room. I suppose she might already have been familiar with his calling name from watching previous series?
Was it the same advisor who wanted to summon Hordriss to the hidden spyglass room for no apparent reason? If so, I don't think she had grasped why he gave them his contact details in the first place!
LordF wrote:The person who was being served by Rothberry was Young Grimwold.
It doesn't look like the same actor to me. Also, Rothberry doesn't name the ogre, whereas Julius Scaramonger specified "young Grimwold" in Series 6. This may simply have been an ogre joke rather than a Knightmare in-joke.
LordFear wrote:I'm not averse to the odd bit of prompting, but it just seems to me like it's occuring far too often thus far this series
Agreed. At various points in this episode, Treguard deserves to be credited as the fourth advisor! In my opinion, a team on Level 2 should not be getting as much guidance as he gives them. Having said that, the team was in losing status as soon as Nicola left the Level 2 clue table, so in fact, Treguard's help ensured that they carried on until their mistake caught up with them. And yet not all this series' teams were aided so generously by Treguard. If Team 5 had had as many hints about using the Darkness Powder as this team did about using the "rod thingy", the outcome could have been very different.
LordFear wrote:Hordriss actually admitted that he needed someone else to help him. That has to be a first
You're overlooking Hordriss' pact with Chris at the end of Series 3, and with dungeoneers throughout Series 4 and 5. It was these bargains that added such neutrality and intrigue to his character.
Fishsta wrote:FIRE EXTINGUISHER! If only an advisor had spotted it and told the dungeoneer to take it!
It would have been a more useful find before the fireball encounters!
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Re: Series 7 ep 4

Post by Morghanna »

Team 2 made steady progress. The episodes have picked up the pace now after a slow series opener.
They encountered Sidriss-the-confused, who had bungled again and inadvertently turned Marta into a cat. They returned her the wand and received a firestone in exchange. (The wand then turned Marta from a cat to a dog. Oops. 8-o)
Cornered by Raptor in the next room before Smirky scorched him :D and then flew them to level 2. (Level 1 seemed very short in this quest.)
The dragon flight scene was excessively long and they still never got round to warning him about the brollachan.

Dashed past Hordriss and Grimaldine who were sparring. (Nice quip about test-matches going on for days. Howzat? ;))
Met by a weakened Hordriss in the undercroft, who asked them to find a health potion for him.
Next-up was the level 2 clue-room. Took a divining-rod and some silver. :-/ Think the "nightsight" would have been better than the silver. Hope that doesn't prove costly. 8-o
Used the divining-rod (Aka that twiggy-thing. Is there an emoticon for ROFLMAO?) to find a spyglass and learned the combo for the trap, which they then entered. This looked dangerous! Collected some gold on the first row, then made very efficient progress thru the puzzle.
Reached Rothbury's stall and used the gold to buy a potion. Summoned Hordriss and gave him the potion and received a key for the descender in thanks.
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