Series 7 ep 13

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Re: Re:Series 7 ep 13

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KM Fan wrote:
Tom41 wrote: How did they do the slow motion effect? Simple! Just film Hands and the goblins on blue-screen first, and record that output. Then, feed that output into the Chromakey machine (instead of just the static background) as Barry comes into the blue-screen room. When Barry takes the potion, switch the VT machine to slow so that Hands and the goblins slow down, but Barry (live) remains at normal speed.
err.. looked like it was just sound effects, and a bit of good acting to me
Can't have been. It's clearly slowed down.

I wondered what might have happened if Barry didn't have the Speedwell. My guess is that the production team wouldn't have used the pre-filmed VT at all, and have a live Hands and goblins enter and finish Barry off instead.
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Re: Series 7 ep 13

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Funny and slightly saucy episode. Lord Fear asking Lizzard what he was doing tonight and Treguard's talk on magical staffs. "That's the thing about Magical Staffs, you can have one without actually holding it."

Me: **snigger**
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Re: Series 7 ep 13

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Very fast-paced episode.
Team 7 learned that Grimaldine's staff had been broken into four pieces, which they needed to retrieve.
Encountered Romahna and didn't exactly impress her, but collected the 1st section of Merlin's (sic) staff.
Reached the level 1 clue-area. Whilst reeling-off the list of things on the barrel, Barry made it sound a bit like the "generation game" conveyor belt. ;D Chose the "speedwell" potion and the lamp. :-/ Thought the scroll was a bit ambiguous. Not sure why they didn't know where the exit was. Dry comment from Treguard: "There's a big hole to the right. Big archway." ;D ;D
Encountered Rothberry's stall. Collected the 2nd staff section. Sound of goblin horns and in his hurry he nearly left without his "speedwell".

Made a shambles of the floor puzzle and were given a massive reprieve. 8-o They took too long describing the room and were then rushed by goblins and completely missed the 3rd section of the staff. Moved Barry backwards to get it and the goblins just stopped and watched, then backed away. He should have been toast there....missed
:exclaim: Compare how blatantly this team were let-off here to how harshly Jamie's team (S2 T9) were treated when they were cut-off by the mechanical warrior and missed a spell piece. :exclaim:

Entered a darkened room and used the lamp to find the final staff section. They walked Barry into the wall. :exclaim:
In the next courtyard he was confronted by Sly Hands and two goblins, but used the "speedwell" potion to escape. More like a "slo-mo" potion, but whatever....
Reached Grimaldine and were rewarded for restoring his staff. Given a journey to level 2 on Smirky.

Used a spyglass to discover that Lissard has been magically disguised as Marta, to trap Hordriss. Much interest from LF.
Woke the troll on their way out. 8-o
Level 2 clue-area was in the dwarf tunnels. Wisely chose the boot and the "fireproof" potion.
Entered Sidriss' magic class (Fidjit also in attendance) and warned her about the trap for Hordriss. Loved the tactless version suggested by advisor Derek - Barry worded it rather more carefully. ;D
"I think it's about time you got wise to the ways of real magic. The kind that is borne on the dark side." >:D
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