Re-assessing Season 8; know what? I like it after all

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Re:Re-assessing Season 8; know what? I like it after all

Post by Pooka »

It is the best scene in the whole series.

Anyway, I love S8, one of my favourite series. The fact that it looked pimped isn't why I liked it so much, though, it's the general setting of the thing I like. It's much darker than previous series, there's a whole new Dungeon to explore and even a new antechamber, of which I like the design.

I like the Great Mire and the idea that you need to cross a huge underground sea to get from what was essentially Treguard's Dungeon to two HUGE PALACES OF EVIL. It gave the whole 'level 3' thing more emphasis on how dangerous it actually was, because there was a clear divide between it and the Dungeon. I'd have been scared stiff stepping off the mysterious Golden Galleon onto a bank next to a palace owned by an evil sorceress.

Maldame. Now she was a good new character - almost a true Neutral, despite 'officially' being an Opposition character, meaning that the teams had to be very wary around her. Stiletta was good too, although a much nicer character overall she was definitely in no way a goody two-shoes. Brother Strange's part was beefed-up and he seemed more rounded.

Motley, my favourite character, made a return, and I'm pleased about that, especially when he and Stiletta made a good double-act.

I, unlike everyone else in the world, liked Honesty Bartram. Rothberry's scene was a great one, but he wasn't in it at all apart from that one time. But it was a nice little cameo.

But the thing that sparkles most for Series 8 is the dialogue. The Monopoly scene was fantastic, as mentioned, but all of Lord Fear's scenes has some genuine wit in them. He seemed more threatening when striding about, Lissard was a great henchman and they played off against each other well. Mark Knight really got his teeth into the part magnificently and I still laugh at his lines today.

I have never belived that Dunstan's victory was unfair. They were pushed into taking the shortcut and won fair and square. They clearly weren't expected to win (in fact, I think Oliver was, but ol' Dunstan hung on longer than anyone thought he did), and looking back on it they did have a very tough Level 3. Daniel had a good team too, tough and resourceful; they damn near won and fun to watch as well.

So overall, I love Series 8 and I loved it when I watched it first time around. It's dark, gritty, original and overall enjoyable. I'd rate it above 1, 2, 4 and 5, on a par with 6 and 3, and slightly below 7. But I'm weird like that.
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Re:Re-assessing Season 8; know what? I like it after all

Post by knightmaredave »

Season 8 has many good ppoints.It brings in some good characters like snapper jack and the return of Motley! Also stiletta as well. The skelletrons and mire men were an ideal replacement for the then getting on a bit gobloins and the mire trogs were a good aded effect for level 3.The problem with s8 is that the u know whats a ITs trashy vision went and cut the series so all those great ideas that Tim had were rushed and spoilt to get a winnig quest. Level 3 was good the challengign c o blades and the fire bom room really amde it feeel level 3 like again! The negative side was the rooms were samey (BUT looked realloly good!) in genereal if it hdad had its 15 week run it would have had much more positive reviews!!!!
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