The Crystal Maze: Virtual Knightmare

Other shows or games that remind you of Knightmare but aren't official derivatives.
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The Crystal Maze: Virtual Knightmare

Post by JamesA »

I haven't put this in the "Unintended Knightmare references on TV" thread, mainly because of the title of the game and how the game itself is played.

However, whilst watching some clips of the most recent series of The Crystal Maze, there is one particular game in the Futuristic zone entitled "Virtual Knightmare", which believe it or not appears to be a genuine crossover of Virtually Impossible and Knightmare.

The game itself involves a spinning saw blade and a narrow ledge - you can find out more about Virtual Knightmare here.

And if you can stomach viewing it, you can watch reality TV star Gemma Collins's attempt at the game via The Crystal Maze's official YouTube channel.
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Re: The Crystal Maze: Virtual Knightmare

Post by Drassil »

Thanks for the links, James. I'd like to think that Virtual Knightmare is an official name, but it may just be what The Crystal Maze Database has called this game.

Al Murray's (successful) attempt at the game was particularly enjoyable, with excellent guiding by Ashley Taylor Dawson. It included an instruction for Al to sidestep to his left.
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