Peri Brown & Majida...Something(s) they share in common

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Peri Brown & Majida...Something(s) they share in common

Post by Skarkill »

I've just finished a marathon of watching all The Sixth Doctor TV Stories and during said viewing long-haul I noticed that the Sixth Doctor's main companion for the bulk of his run on the show Peri Brown shares some odd similarities with Knightmare's resident Genie. So I thought I'd share these bizarre little observations.

A odd and almost unpronounceable full name

Majida's being "Daughter of the Setting Moon, Whose Eyes are like Daggers in the Hearts of Men who guard the Great Caravan of the Sultan."

and Peri's being Perpugilliam Brown

A first season/series spent on screen bickering with their co-star followed by a second season where they are much more mellow

Nicola Bryant as Peri spends much if not all of Colin Baker's first season (of his scandalously short run but that's another subject) bickering, sniping and arguing with The Doctor this manages to detract from both their characters greatly Sound familiar...?

Jackie Sawiris as Majida also found herself in this situation with Hugo Myatt's Treguard in Series 7 of Knightmare and it undoubtedly detracted from Treguard's character to have him engaging in such comedic banter

However come Series 8 Majida and Treguard's relationship seems to mellowed out and they thankfully don't engage in as much bickering and snide batter or at least not the extent that was present in Series 7.

The same is true of Peri in her few appearances in The Sixth Doctor's second and last Season "The Trial of A Time Lord" her's and The Doctor's relationship is a lot more cordial and mature and is better and more enjoyable for it.

There last series/season in the show is a unpopular one with the fans

I don't really need to go into depths with Series 8 of Knightmare do I??

Peri bows out in the second story of the season long story ark "The Trial of A Time Lord" and this season is generally regarded as one of the low points of 'Classic' Who and the shows history in general due to poor writing in some parts and over complicated plot ideas in others and over all having to many ideas and trying to cram them all into a limited amount of space and still make them coherent.

Hmmmmmm now what dose that remind you of? ;D ;)

Those accents

Both Jackie Sawiris & Nicola Bryant as part of their respective roles had to put on fake accents with the British Nicola having to attempt an American accent and (I'll be kind here) not always managing it as successfully as I'm sure she and the production teasm would have really liked.

And Jackie, coincidentally an actual american, had to try and do a generic middle eastern accent and again.....yeah not going to win an Oscar for it I'm afraid.

Well hope this random little list of observations gives some people some amusment. :) :) :)
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Re: Peri Brown & Majida...Something(s) they share in common

Post by TimeMaster »

Interesting comparisons Skarkill. They do have quite a lot in common - no wonder that they both irritate me somewhat! ;D

Well done on a marathon watch of Sixth Doctor stories by the way. There are some good ones in there, but a few of them (especially "Trial") must have been a bit of an endurance test! :)
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Re: Peri Brown & Majida...Something(s) they share in common

Post by Gretel »

I still haven't watched Trial so I can't really defend Peri's accent at all (Love Nicola but that accent was pure rubbish!)

I have to say, I found Jackie's accent oddly... sexy? I think that's just me being weird and perhaps a little in love with the actress pre hearing that accent? *shrugs* either way, not as bad as Peri's but still pretty pants.
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