Parody of Automaton by Jamiroquai

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Parody of Automaton by Jamiroquai

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Normally I let songs mature for a decade or three before rewriting them. But not this time. Here is a parody of Jamiroquai's week-old single Automaton. Video, lyrics

Am I near?
Every heart is stirring
You're all fear
Can't you hear me whirring?
Take my hand
Cold like Aesandre
I'm an mindless man
I'm a mindless
Why am I coming for you?

And this man called Edmund Dehn
Has given away to my threat of doom
I put my faith in a chromakey world
Where they've given me
Blue without a room
I'll keep the teams from silver spurs
Remind myself I am someone
My soul is numb and while I whirr
I'm Automatum

I'm so tough
Can't you see me walking
See I can touch
Can you feel me stalking?
I see the kids
Who try for squiredom
These metal eyes, they can't disguise
The fact that I
I've instructions to be lethal
That's why I'm coming for you

I'm standing by: levels one and two
I've taken up a deadly flail
Treguard will be dismissing you
If I make your quest fail
And it won't help, with your helmet on
To tilt your head back when I come
With friends who see, you must avoid
The Automatum

Hey, I'm mostly down underground
Sometimes out on that chasm bridge
You barely have time to take that crown
While you're a mess of flesh, I am only clockwork
Got efficient moves (they're mainly shock jerks)
Pretty cool android, but can not twerk
It's a fantasy world...

Then came the day I fell to Earth
And though I cannot feel disgust
I rue the day when a castle room that's windowless
Saw the casting of a spell called RUST
Maybe this dream will stay alive
A technomancer may still come
Or a new threat, mechanical

New Automatum...

You know I need someone
That I can bludgeon
In the dungeon
It was all I knew
I'm Automatum
I have orders
To be quite kindless
I'm mindless
I am cogs and screws
I'm Automatum
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