Parody of Rush Hour by Jane Wiedlin

Knightmare-related musical parodies
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Parody of Rush Hour by Jane Wiedlin

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About the Gatemaster schene in Quest 3 of Series 5. Based on the first verse and chorus of Rush Hour by Jane Wiedlin (1988). Official audio

On my way to Level 3
In the helmet, I can't see
Can't make out the sights in chromakey
A guard is blocking my way now
Stopping me from going down
Sullenly, I'm told I'm going through
There he stood
Maybe if I saw his face
I'd know he's also Brother Mace
I had a brush
With thee, Michael Cule
Arriving at the Gate Tower

Ooh you scare me
You're standing at the Gate Tower
Not too friendly
You're guarding at the Gate Tower
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