Parody of '39 by Queen

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Parody of '39 by Queen

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To the tune of the Queen song '39 from 1975.

In the year of '89 assembled here the dungeoneers
In the days when the channels were few
Here the kids stepped out into the bluescreen studio
The dungeon's sights never seen
And Ross followed James
There were riddles, spells and games
And the floors paved (holes aside)
Down many a corridor; vales to cross; the Mills of Doom
None turned back, many feared, many died

Do you see your goal, though you're many rooms away
Have you fear of falling through?
Say the letters of the spell
Now it's Friday, find a well
Though you might not get past Level 2

In the year of '89 came a chap called Martin Toole
A dungeoneer whose home was York
And he brought good friends, and a punk joke that was corn
As a ghost, he'd float and not walk
For the phase is nearly done, surely Martin would have won
But for entomology
Beetle knowledge they did lack, here's their killer dressed in black
Morghanna's zap, that's a wrap, couldn't flee

Leo Smith did fall though not many rooms away
He was near to winning too
Treguard's letters: different spell
To acknowledge they did well
He was using UNITE for a few

Don't you hear Mike Cule? No he's many months away
He'll be here in Series 4
And before that were 12 teams
In a year of doom and dreams
Still the best
Series 3
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